Job 34:21-31

21 He watches every step we take.
22 There is no darkness dark enough to hide a sinner from God.
23 God does not need to set a time for us to go and be judged by him.
24 He does not need an investigation to remove leaders and replace them with others.
25 Because he knows what they do; he overthrows them and crushes them by night.
26 He punishes sinners where all can see it,
27 because they have stopped following him and ignored all his commands.
28 They forced the poor to cry out to God, and he heard their calls for help.
29 If God decided to do nothing at all, no one could criticize him. If he hid his face, we would be helpless.
30 There would be nothing that nations could do to keep godless oppressors from ruling them.
31 Job, have you confessed your sins to God and promised not to sin again?
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