Tobit 5:9

9 Tobias went in and told his father, "I have found an Israelite to travel with me." "Call the man in," Tobit replied. "I would like to know what family and tribe he belongs to, and whether he is a reliable traveling companion for you." So Tobias went out and called to Raphael, "My father would like to meet you." When Raphael came in, Tobit greeted him first. Then Raphael returned the greeting, "I hope all is well with you." But Tobit replied, "How can all be well with me? I'm blind and can't see a thing. It's like being dead and no longer able to see the light. I might as well be dead! I can hear people talking, but I can't see them." "Cheer up!" Raphael said to him. "God is going to cure you soon, so don't worry!" Tobit then said, "My son Tobias wants to go to Media. Can you go with him and show him the way? I will pay you, of course." Raphael replied, "Certainly I can go with him. I have traveled there many times and I know all the roads in the mountains and on the plains."