Jeremiah 48:3-13

3 People will cry out from Horonaim, "Looting and great destruction!"
4 Moab will be broken. Its little ones will cry out.
5 People go up the pass of Luhith, crying bitterly as they go. On the road down to Horonaim they have heard the distressful cry of destruction.
6 "Run away! Run for your lives! Run like a wild donkey in the desert."
7 Since you trust the things you do and your treasures, you will be captured. Chemosh will go into captivity with all its priests and officials.
8 The destroyer will come to every city, and no city will escape. The valley will be destroyed, and the plain will be laid waste as the LORD has threatened.
9 Put salt on Moab. It will be destroyed. Its cities will become deserted ruins.
10 Cursed are those who neglect doing the LORD's work. Cursed are those who keep their swords from killing.
11 "Moab has lived securely ever since it was young. Its people are like wine left to settle in a jar. They aren't poured from one jar to another. They haven't gone into captivity. That is why its flavor has remained the same, and its aroma hasn't changed.
12 That is why the days are coming," declares the LORD, "when I will send people to pour Moab out of its jars and to smash its pitchers.
13 Then Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh as the nation of Israel was ashamed when it trusted Bethel.