Psalm 94:4-14

4 They ramble. They speak arrogantly. All troublemakers brag about themselves.
5 They crush your people, O LORD. They make those who belong to you suffer.
6 They kill widows and foreigners, and they murder orphans.
7 They say, "The LORD doesn't see it. The God of Jacob doesn't even pay attention to it."
8 Pay attention, you stupid people! When will you become wise, you fools?
9 God created ears. Do you think he can't hear? He formed eyes. Do you think he can't see?
10 He disciplines nations. Do you think he can't punish? He teaches people. Do you think he doesn't know anything?
11 The LORD knows that people's thoughts are pointless.
12 O LORD, blessed is the person whom you discipline and instruct from your teachings.
13 You give him peace and quiet from times of trouble while a pit is dug to trap wicked people.
14 The LORD will never desert his people or abandon those who belong to him.
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