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Alexander Gross

Alexander Gross, B. D.—This pious man was born in Devonshire, and educated first in Caius college, Cambridge, then in Exeter college, Oxford, where he was admitted to the reading of the sentences. Entering upon the work of the ministry, he became preacher at Plympton, in his own county, afterwards rector of Bridford, near Exeter, and at length vicar of Ashburton, in his own county; at each of which places he was much followed, especially by persons of serious piety. He Mas a zealous puritan, and, upon the commencement of the civil wars, he espoused the cause of the parliament.J He was a man of a strong memory, a sound judgment, and great integrity, abhorring all kinds of superstition. He was a judicious, faithful, laborious, and constant preacher, and deeply versed in a knowledge of the scriptures, and furnished with an excellent gift in prayer. His public ministry was accompanied with the rich blessing of God, and made abundantly useful in the conversion of souls. His holy life was an excellent practical comment upon his holy doctrine. While he urged the necessity of holiness Upon others, he practised holiness himself. He was a burning and shining light. In a word, he spent his strength, his life, his all, for the honour of God and the good of souls.* He died in a good old age, in the year 1654.

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His Works.—1. Sweet and Sonl-persuading Inducements loading onto Christ, 1632.—2. The Happiness of enjoving and making a true and speedy nse of Christ, 1840.—3. Several Sermons, 1640.—• 4. The Mtstery of Self-denial; or, the Cessation of Man's living to Himself, 1642.—3. Man's Misery without Christ, 1642.—6. The Way to a Blessed Life, 1643.—This is sometimes entitled, " The Fiery Pillar."—7. Buddings and blossomings of Old Truths, 1656.—8. The Anatomy of the Heart.—9- Of Sacred Things.

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