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Andrew Perne

Andrew Perne, A. M.—This worthy minister was born in the year 1596, and afterwards chosen fellow of Katherine-hall, Cambridge, where he probably received his education. Having finished his studies at the university, he became rector of Wilby in Northamptonshire, where he continued a laborious, faithful, and successful preacher twentyseven years. One of his name and degree was of Peterhouse, and elected master of the Charter-house in 1614 ;|| and the year following he became vicar of Southminster or Sudminster in Essex. But this could not be the same In the year 1643 Mr. Perne was chosen one of the assembly of divines, and constantly attended during the whole session. He often preached before the parliament, and several of his sermons were published; one of which is entitled, " Gospel Courage, or a Christian Resolution for God and his Truth, in a Sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at Margaret's, Westminster, at a Publique Fast, the 21 of May, 1643"—1643. Being called up to London, he gained a high reputation, and was offered considerable

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Ereferments; but he refused them all, resolving to return t« is charge at Wilby. In this place, by his awakening sermons, and exemplary life and conversation, a most signal and happy reformation was effected; and his people revered and loved him as a father. "He was full of spiritual warmth," says Mr- Ainsworth, " filled with an holy indignation against sin, active in his work, and never more iu his element than when he was in the pulpit." As his life was holy, so his death was happy. He blessed God that he was not afraid to die; nay, he earnestly desired to be gone; and often cried out, during his last sickness, " When will that hour come? One assault more, and this earthen vessel will be broken, and I shall be with God."* He died December 13, 1654, aged sixty years. Mr. Samuel Ainsworth, one of the silenced nonconformists/preached and published his funeral sermon. His remains were interred in the chancel of Wilby church; where, at the foot of the altar, is the following monumental inscription erected to his memory :+

Here lieth

interred Mr. Andrew Perne,

a faithful servant of Jesus Christ,

a zealous owner ever of God's cause

in perilous times,

a powerful and successful preacher

of the gospel,

a great blessing to this town

and country,

where he lived twenty-seven years.

He departed December 13,


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