Nathaniel Ward

Nathaniel Ward, A. B.—This excellent person was (he son of Mr. John Ward, aml brother to Mr. Samuel Ward, both celebrated puritan divines; was bom at Ilaverhil in Suffolk, about (he year 1570. He received a liberal education, and was intended tor the law: but afterwards travelling inlo Prussia and Denmark, where he was honoured with the intimate friendship of the celebrated David Partus of Heidelberg, from whom he received the most valuable instruction, he purposed, upon his return home, to enter upon, the christian ministry. He became preacher at St. James's, Duke's-plnce, London, in the year 1626; and afterwards became rector of Standon Massey in Essex,* where he felt the iron hand of Archbishop Laud. Previous to the year 1633, he was often conver.ed before this intolerant prelate for nonconformity; and, after fn quent attendance, tor refusing to subscribe according io the canons, he was excommunicated and deprived of his ministry. The good man remained a long time under the prelate's heavy censure.+ It does riot indeed appear that he was ever released. For having found that his release could not be obtained without the most degrading submission, contrary to the light of conscience and the testimony of scripture, he left his native country, and in the year 1634 retired to New England. Upon his arrival he was chosen pastor of the church at Ipswich, where he continued in high reputation, frequent labours, and great usefulness, about eleven years. In 1645 he returned to England, and became minister of Shenfield in Essex. He subscribed the Essex testimony as minister of this place, and was sometimes called to preach before the parliament. He greatly lamented the confusions of the times, and discovered great loyalty to the king, and much solicitude for his majesty's welfare.J He died at Shenfield in the year 1653, aged eighty-three years.^ He is classed among the learned writers of Emanuel college, Cambridge.|| He was a learned man, a pious christian, an excellent preacher, and the author of many articles, full of wit and good sense, the titles of which have not reached us.

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