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Robert Abbot

Robert Abbot, A. M.—This person received his education in the university of Cambridge, where he took his degrees in arts, and was afterwards incorporated at Oxford. Having finished his studies at the university, he became vicar of Cranbrook in Kent, and minister of Southwick in Hampshire. A minister of the same name, and no doubt the same person, was a great sufferer under the tyranmcal oppressions of Bishop Pierce of Bath and Wells. This learned prelate compelled Mr. Abbot and others, contrary to law and justice, to raise sums of money towards carrymg on the war against the Scots.* In the beginning of the year 1643, according to Dr. Walker, M was dispossessed of his vicarage by order of the house of commons; because he had taken another living, which, from his own confession, was inconsistent.* Whether this be indeed correct we are unable to ascertam; but be this as it may, it appears that, upon the commencement of the civil war, he espoused the cause of the parliament, united himself to the puritans, and became rector of St. Austin's church, Watling-street, London, where he continued in peace and quietness all the rest of his days. In each of these situations he was happy among the people of his charge. They were much attached to him, and often warmly pressed him to appear in print. He lived to a good old age, and was living in the year 1653; but when he died we have not been able to learn.J

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His Works.—1. Be. Thankful London and her Sisters, 1626.— 2 Four Sermons, 1639.—3. Trval of our Church-forsakors, 1639.— 4. Milk for Babes; or, a Mother's Catechism tor her Children, 1646. —5. Three Sermons, 1646—6. A Christian Family Budded by God; or, Direction* for Governors of Families, 1653.

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