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Edward Lord

Edward Lord was some years vicar of Woolston in Warwickshire, but greatly persecuted for nonconformity. During Mr. Cartwright's exile at Guernsey and Antwerp, he took care of his hospital at Warwick; for which that reverend divine allowed him part of the profits, and gave the rest to the poor.* He subscribed the " Book of Discipline," and united with his brethren in their private assemblies; for which, in the year 1590, he was apprehended, and convened before the high commission and star-chamber, and cast into prison, where he remained a long time.t He underwent many examinations before his spiritual inquisitors, but refused to take the oath ex officio. On one of these occasions, he is said to have inquired " what would become of archbishops, bishops, &c. when the reformation should thrust them from their rich livings, that the country might not be pestered with beggars ?" He gave some account of various private meetings and conferences among the brethren; and said, *' that the painful preaching ministers now, are worse suppressed, than by the papists in the time of Queen Mary, who professed open enmity against them, and had law against them, which is otherwise now with us."t Mr. Lord was an eminently holy man, an able preacher, and an excellent divine. Upon his deprivation at the above period, he was succeeded in the pastoral office at Woolston by Mr. Hugh Clark, another excellent puritan.S

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