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Andrew King

Andrew King was a divine of considerable eminence, but, in 1573, was apprehended and cast into prison for nonconformity. Being brought before the lords of the council and the high commission, and examined concerning some of Mr. Cartwright's opinions, and not answering to the satisfaction of his spiritual inquisitors, he was sent back to prison, and threatened with banishment if he would not conform.! What other sufferings he underwent at this time, we have not been able to learn. However, in the year 1590, he was again apprehended, together with Mr. Cartwright and many others, and cast into prison, where he remained a long time. During his imprisonment, he and his brethren were often carried before the high commission and the star-chamber, where they met with

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most tyrannical and cruel usage.* On one of these occasions, the following interrogatories were proposed to him:—" Whether have you refused to use, or have you used in your sermons, the queen's majesty's whole title by law established under her, namely, defender of the faiih, in all causes, and over all persons, as well ecclesiastical as civil, in these her realms and dominions, and supreme governor next and immediately under God? For what cause have you so refused, or not used the said style? and were you admonished to use it .'—Whether did you know or had heard before the 19th day of November, 1588, the said day was by and under her majesty's authority appointed to be solemnized and celebrated with thanksgiving unto God, for our happy deliverance from the intended invasion of the Spaniards? And did you that day, nevertheless, absent yourself from the parish church, and neither said divine service, preached, nor procured any other, then and there to do it ? What was the cause, and what was your very true and only purpose and intent in so doing ?"t Though Mr. King refused the oath ex officio, these inquiries were evidently designed to force him to accuse himself, and then to condemn him upon his own confession: but it does not appear what answers he gave, or whether he absolutely refused..

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