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Malancthon Jewel

Malancthon Jewel was a zealous minister of Christ, but met with much cruel usage for his nonconformity. He was tried at the public assize at Exeter, and condemned upon the statute for confirming the Book of Common Prayer, to suffer five months' imprisonment. He met with this unjust and inhuman treatment, though he had previously applied to the bishop, for the removal of his doubts and scruples, but could not obtain the favour.} In the year 1590, he was again apprehended, and cast into prison ; he was frequently taken before the high commission and the star-chamber, and remained under confinement about two years. S

Though he refused the oath ex officio, the following inquiries were proposed to him, and he was required to give his answer:—" Whether have you devised, penned, received, or delivered any English books or pamphlets, being contrary to the laws or statutes of this realm, since her majesty's proclamation in that behalf? And have you

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affirmed of them, or some of sneh books, at Houlsworthy in the county of Devon, or elsewhere, (in commendation of them) that they contained no untruths; nor used words to the like effect ? How many of every sort of such books have you had, of whom, and how have you bestowed them ? —Whether in your speeches, sermons, or some of them, have you thought or affirmed, that it is of necessity, and in all places, to have churches governed by elderships of pastors, doctors, elders, or such like ? Or, that the offices of archbishops and bishops, as they are practised in this realm, are the offices of antichrist; and that the archbishop and lord bishops, as you term them in contempt, were beasts, members of antichrist, and chimney sweepers; and that they persecute godly ministers; and by persecuting them, did purify them, and pollute themselves ?—Whether have you taught openly, that no jailer ought to receive any man (though he be committed by any authority) into their prisons, except they first know the cause, that such were certainly offenders ? And that her majesty's judges of assize, who affirmed that you have submitted yourself and promised conformity, did belie you, with other terms of reproach ? And affirmed in pulpits, that justices were now become tyrants ? or have you used any words to the like effect of these, or any of them ? when, and where ?— Whether did you baptize the child of one Asher, a pretended minister, who then made a public profession of his faith; and amongst other things, said ' he believed Christ had appointed his churches to be governed by pastors, doctors, elders, and deacons,' and in that faith desired baptism for his daughter, whom he named, The Lord is Near; and did you thereupon, and in that faith and profession baptize the child ?"•—How tyrannical and ridiculous were these proceedings! What answers Mr. Jewel gave, or whether he absolutely refused to answer, we cannot learn.

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