Judges 1

1 It happened after the death of Yehoshua, the children of Yisra'el asked of the LORD, saying, Who shall go up for us first against the Kana`anim, to fight against them?
2 The LORD said, Yehudah shall go up: behold, I have delivered the land into his hand.
3 Yehudah said to Shim`on his brother, Come up with me into my lot, that we may fight against the Kana`anim; and I likewise will go with you into your lot. So Shim`on went with him.
4 Yehudah went up; and the LORD delivered the Kana`anim and the Perizzi into their hand: and they struck of them in Bezek ten thousand men.
5 They found Adoni-bezek in Bezek; and they fought against him, and they struck the Kana`anim and the Perizzi.
6 But Adoni-bezek fled; and they pursued after him, and caught him, and cut off his thumbs and his great toes.
7 Adoni-bezek said, "Seventy kings, having their thumbs and their great toes cut off, gathered [their food] under my table: as I have done, so God has requited me." They brought him to Yerushalayim, and he died there.
8 The children of Yehudah fought against Yerushalayim, and took it, and struck it with the edge of the sword, and set the city on fire.
9 Afterward the children of Yehudah went down to fight against the Kana`anim who lived in the hill-country, and in the South, and in the lowland.
10 Yehudah went against the Kana`anim who lived in Hevron (now the name of Hevron before was Kiryat-Arba); and they struck Sheshai, and Achiman, and Talmai.
11 From there he went against the inhabitants of Devir. (Now the name of Devir before was Kiryat-Sefer.)
12 Kalev said, He who strikes Kiryat-Sefer, and takes it, to him will I give `Akhsah my daughter as wife.
13 `Otni'el the son of Kenaz, Kalev's younger brother, took it: and he gave him `Akhsah his daughter as wife.
14 It happened, when she came [to him], that she moved him to ask of her father a field: and she alighted from off her donkey; and Kalev said to her, What would you?
15 She said to him, Give me a blessing; for that you have set me in the land of the South, give me also springs of water. Kalev gave her the upper springs and the lower springs.
16 The children of the Keni, Moshe' brother-in-law, went up out of the city of palm trees with the children of Yehudah into the wilderness of Yehudah, which is in the south of `Arad; and they went and lived with the people.
17 Yehudah went with Shim`on his brother, and they struck the Kana`anim who inhabited Tzefat, and utterly destroyed it. The name of the city was called Hormah.
18 Also Yehudah took `Aza with the border of it, and Ashkelon with the border of it, and `Ekron with the border of it.
19 The LORD was with Yehudah; and drove out [the inhabitants of] the hill-country; for he could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.
20 They gave Hevron to Kalev, as Moshe had spoken: and he drove out there the three sons of `Anak.
21 The children of Binyamin did not drive out the Yevusi who inhabited Yerushalayim; but the Yevusi dwell with the children of Binyamin in Yerushalayim to this day.
22 The house of Yosef, they also went up against Beit-El; and the LORD was with them.
23 The house of Yosef sent to spy out Beit-El. (Now the name of the city before was Luz.)
24 The watchers saw a man come forth out of the city, and they said to him, Show us, we pray you, the entrance into the city, and we will deal kindly with you.
25 He shown them the entrance into the city; and they struck the city with the edge of the sword; but they let the man go and all his family.
26 The man went into the land of the Hitti, and built a city, and called the name of it Luz, which is the name of it to this day.
27 Menashsheh did not drive out [the inhabitants of] Beit-She'an and its towns, nor [of] Ta`nakh and its towns, nor the inhabitants of Dor and its towns, nor the inhabitants of Yivle`am and its towns, nor the inhabitants of Megiddo and its towns; but the Kana`anim would dwell in that land.
28 It happened, when Yisra'el had grown strong, that they put the Kana`anim to forced labor, and did not utterly drive them out.
29 Efrayim didn't drive out the Kana`anim who lived in Gezer; but the Kana`anim lived in Gezer among them.
30 Zevulun didn't drive out the inhabitants of Kitron, nor the inhabitants of Nahalol; but the Kana`anim lived among them, and became subject to forced labor.
31 Asher didn't drive out the inhabitants of `Akko, nor the inhabitants of Tzidon, nor of Achlav, nor of Akhziv, nor of Helbah, nor of Afik, nor of Rechov;
32 but the Asheri lived among the Kana`anim, the inhabitants of the land; for they did not drive them out.
33 Naftali didn't drive out the inhabitants of Beit-Shemesh, nor the inhabitants of Beit-`Anat; but he lived among the Kana`anim, the inhabitants of the land: nevertheless the inhabitants of Beit-Shemesh and of Beit-`Anat became subject to forced labor.
34 The Amori forced the children of Dan into the hill-country; for they would not allow them to come down to the valley;
35 but the Amori would dwell in Mount Heres, in Ayalon, and in Sha`alvim: yet the hand of the house of Yosef prevailed, so that they became subject to forced labor.
36 The border of the Amori was from the ascent of `Akrabbim, from the rock, and upward.
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