Interlinear Bible 1 Corinthians 14

1 Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.
Diwvkete V-PAM-2P th;n T-ASF ajgavphn, N-ASF zhlou'te V-PAM-2P de; CONJ ta; T-APN pneumatikav, A-APN ma'llon ADV de; CONJ i&na CONJ profhteuvhte. V-PAS-2P
2 For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.
oJ T-NSM ga;r CONJ lalw'n V-PAP-NSM glwvssh/ N-DSF oujk PRT ajnqrwvpoi? N-DPM lalei' V-PAI-3S ajlla; CONJ qew'/, N-DSM oujdei;? A-NSF ga;r CONJ ajkouvei, V-PAI-3S pneuvmati N-DSN de; CONJ lalei' V-PAI-3S musthvria: N-APN
3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.
oJ T-NSM de; CONJ profhteuvwn V-PAP-NSM ajnqrwvpoi? N-DPM lalei' V-PAI-3S oijkodomh;n N-ASF kai; CONJ paravklhsin N-ASF kai; CONJ paramuqivan. N-ASF
4 He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.
oJ T-NSM lalw'n V-PAP-NSM glwvssh/ N-DSF eJauto;n F-3ASM oijkodomei': V-PAI-3S oJ T-NSM de; CONJ profhteuvwn V-PAP-NSM ejkklhsivan N-ASF oijkodomei'. V-PAI-3S
5 I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying.
qevlw V-PAI-1S de; CONJ pavnta? A-APM uJma'? P-2AP lalei'n V-PAN glwvssai?, N-DPF ma'llon ADV de; CONJ i&na CONJ profhteuvhte: V-PAS-2P meivzwn A-NSM de; CONJ oJ T-NSM profhteuvwn V-PAP-NSM h^ T-NSF oJ T-NSM lalw'n V-PAP-NSM glwvssai?, N-DPF ejkto;? ADV eij COND mh; PRT diermhneuvh/, V-PAS-3S i&na CONJ hJ T-NSF ejkklhsiva N-NSF oijkodomh;n N-ASF lavbh/. V-2AAS-3S
6 Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine?
Nu'n ADV dev, CONJ ajdelfoiv, N-VPM eja;n COND e~lqw V-2AAS-1S pro;? PREP uJma'? P-2AP glwvssai? N-DPF lalw'n, V-PAP-NSM tiv I-ASN uJma'? P-2AP wjfelhvsw, V-FAI-1S eja;n COND mh; PRT uJmi'n P-2DP lalhvsw V-AAS-1S h^ PRT ejn PREP ajpokaluvyei N-DSF h^ PRT ejn PREP gnwvsei N-DSF h^ PRT ejn PREP profhteiva/ N-DSF h^ PRT ?ejn? PREP didach'/; N-DSF
7 And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?
o&mw? CONJ ta; T-NPN a~yuca A-NPN fwnh;n N-ASF didovnta, V-PAP-NPN ei~te CONJ aujlo;? N-NSM ei~te CONJ kiqavra, N-NSF eja;n COND diastolh;n N-ASF toi'? T-DPM fqovggoi? N-DPM mh; PRT dw'/, V-2AAS-3S pw'? ADV gnwsqhvsetai V-FPI-3S to; T-NSN aujlouvmenon V-PPP-NSN h^ PRT to; T-NSN kiqarizovmenon; V-PPP-NSN
8 For*#ste if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?
kai; CONJ ga;r CONJ eja;n COND a~dhlon A-ASF savlpigx fwnh;n N-ASF dw'/, V-2AAS-3S tiv? I-NSM paraskeuavsetai V-FDI-3S eij? PREP povlemon; N-ASM
9 So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air.
ou&tw? ADV kai; CONJ uJmei'? P-2NP dia; PREP th'? T-GSF glwvssh? N-GSF eja;n COND mh; PRT eu~shmon A-ASM lovgon N-ASM dw'te, V-2AAS-2P pw'? ADV gnwsqhvsetai V-FPI-3S to; T-NSN lalouvmenon; V-PPP-NSN e~sesqe V-FXI-2P ga;r CONJ eij? PREP ajevra N-ASM lalou'nte?. V-PAP-NPM
10 There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification*.
tosau'ta D-NPN eij COND tuvcoi V-2AAO-3S gevnh N-NPN fwnw'n N-GPM eijsin V-PXI-3P ejn PREP kovsmw/, N-DSM kai; CONJ oujde;n A-NSN a~fwnon: A-NSN
11 Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me.
eja;n COND ou\n CONJ mh; PRT eijdw' V-RAS-1S th;n T-ASF duvnamin N-ASF th'? T-GSF fwnh'?, N-GSF e~somai V-FXI-1S tw'/ T-DSM lalou'nti V-PAP-DSM bavrbaro? A-NSM kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM lalw'n V-PAP-NSM ejn PREP ejmoi; P-1DS bavrbaro?. A-NSM
12 Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church.
ou&tw? ADV kai; CONJ uJmei'?, P-2NP ejpei; CONJ zhlwtaiv N-NPM ejste V-PXI-2P pneumavtwn, N-GPN pro;? PREP th;n T-ASF oijkodomh;n N-ASF th'? T-GSF ejkklhsiva? N-GSF zhtei'te V-PAM-2P i&na CONJ perisseuvhte. V-PAS-2P
13 Wherefore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret.
dio; CONJ oJ T-NSM lalw'n V-PAP-NSM glwvssh/ N-DSF proseucevsqw V-PNM-3S i&na CONJ diermhneuvh/. V-PAS-3S
14 For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful.
eja;n COND ?ga;r? CONJ proseuvcwmai V-PNS-1S glwvssh/, N-DSF to; T-NSN pneu'mav N-NSN mou P-1GS proseuvcetai, V-PNI-3S oJ T-NSM de; CONJ nou'? N-NSM mou P-1GS a~karpov? A-NSM ejstin. V-PXI-3S
15 What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.
tiv I-NSN ou\n CONJ ejstin; V-PXI-3S proseuvxomai tw'/ T-DSM pneuvmati, N-DSN proseuvxomai de; CONJ kai; CONJ tw'/ T-DSM noi?: N-DSM yalw' V-FAI-1S tw'/ T-DSM pneuvmati, N-DSN yalw' V-FAI-1S de; CONJ kai; CONJ tw'/ T-DSM noi?. N-DSM
16 Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?
ejpei; CONJ eja;n COND eujlogh'/? V-PAS-2S ?ejn? PREP pneuvmati, N-DSN oJ T-NSM ajnaplhrw'n V-PAP-NSM to;n T-ASM tovpon N-ASM tou' T-GSM ijdiwvtou N-GSM pw'? ADV ejrei' V-FAI-3S to; T-ASN #Amhvn HEB ejpi; PREP th'/ T-DSF sh'/ S-2DSF eujcaristiva/, N-DSF ejpeidh; CONJ tiv I-ASN levgei? V-PAI-2S oujk PRT oi\den; V-RAI-3S
17 For thou verily givest thanks well, but the other is not edified.
su; P-2NS me;n PRT ga;r CONJ kalw'? ADV eujcaristei'?, V-PAI-2S ajll# CONJ oJ T-NSM e&tero? A-NSM oujk PRT oijkodomei'tai. V-PPI-3S
18 I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all:
eujcaristw' V-PAI-1S tw'/ T-DSM qew'/, N-DSM pavntwn A-GPM uJmw'n P-2GP ma'llon ADV glwvssai? N-DPF lalw': V-PAI-1S
19 Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.
ajlla; CONJ ejn PREP ejkklhsiva/ N-DSF qevlw V-PAI-1S pevnte N-NUI lovgou? N-APM tw'/ T-DSM noi? N-DSM mou P-1GS lalh'sai, V-AAN i&na CONJ kai; CONJ a~llou? A-APM kathchvsw, V-AAS-1S h^ PRT murivou? A-APM lovgou? N-APM ejn PREP glwvssh/. N-DSF
20 Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.
jAdelfoiv, N-VPM mh; PRT paidiva N-NPN givnesqe V-PNM-2P tai'? T-DPF fresivn, N-DPF ajlla; CONJ th'/ T-DSF kakiva/ N-DSF nhpiavzete, V-PAM-2P tai'? T-DPF de; CONJ fresi;n N-DPF tevleioi A-NPM givnesqe. V-PNM-2P
21 In the law it is written*, With men of other tongues and other*#ste lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord.
ejn PREP tw'/ T-DSM novmw/ N-DSM gevgraptai V-RPI-3S o&ti CONJ #En PREP eJteroglwvssoi? A-DPM kai; CONJ ejn PREP ceivlesin N-DPN eJtevrwn A-GPM lalhvsw V-FAI-1S tw'/ T-DSM law'/ N-DSM touvtw/, D-DSM kai; CONJ oujdj ADV ou&tw? ADV eijsakouvsontaiv V-FDI-3P mou, P-1GS levgei V-PAI-3S kuvrio?. N-NSM
22 Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.
w&ste CONJ aiJ T-NPF glw'ssai N-NPF eij? PREP shmei'ovn N-ASN eijsin V-PXI-3P ouj PRT toi'? T-DPM pisteuvousin V-PAP-DPM ajlla; CONJ toi'? T-DPM ajpivstoi?, A-DPM hJ T-NSF de; CONJ profhteiva N-NSF ouj PRT toi'? T-DPM ajpivstoi? A-DPM ajlla; CONJ toi'? T-DPM pisteuvousin. V-PAP-DPM
23 If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?
jEa;n COND ou\n CONJ sunevlqh/ V-2AAS-3S hJ PRT ejkklhsiva N-NSF o&lh A-NSF ejpi; PREP to; T-ASN aujto; P-ASN kai; CONJ pavnte? A-NPM lalw'sin V-PAS-3P glwvssai?, N-DPF eijsevlqwsin V-2AAS-3P de; CONJ ijdiw'tai N-NPM h^ PRT a~pistoi, A-NPM oujk PRT ejrou'sin V-FAI-3P o&ti CONJ maivnesqe; V-PNI-2P
24 But if all prophesy, and there come in one that believeth not, or one unlearned, he is convinced of all, he is judged of all:
eja;n COND de; CONJ pavnte? A-NPM profhteuvwsin, V-PAS-3P eijsevlqh/ V-2AAS-3S dev CONJ ti? X-NSM a~pisto? A-NSM h^ PRT ijdiwvth?, N-NAM ejlevgcetai V-PPI-3S uJpo; PREP pavntwn, A-GPM ajnakrivnetai V-PPI-3S uJpo; PREP pavntwn, A-GPM
25 And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.
ta; T-NPN krupta; A-NPN th'? T-GSF kardiva? N-GSF aujtou' P-GSM fanera; A-NPN givnetai, V-PNI-3S kai; CONJ ou&tw? ADV pesw;n V-2AAP-NSM ejpi; PREP provswpon N-ASN proskunhvsei V-FAI-3S tw'/ T-DSM qew'/, N-DSM ajpaggevllwn V-PAP-NSM o&ti CONJ ~ontw? ADV oJ T-NSM qeo;? N-NSM ejn PREP uJmi'n P-2DP ejstin. V-PXI-3S
26 How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.
Tiv I-NSN ou\n CONJ ejstin, V-PXI-3S ajdelfoiv; N-VPM o&tan CONJ sunevrchsqe, V-PNS-2P e&kasto? A-NSM yalmo;n N-ASM e~cei, V-PAI-3S didach;n N-ASF e~cei, V-PAI-3S ajpokavluyin N-ASF e~cei, V-PAI-3S glw'ssan N-ASF e~cei, V-PAI-3S eJrmhneivan N-ASF e~cei: V-PAI-3S pavnta A-NPN pro;? PREP oijkodomh;n N-ASF ginevsqw. V-PNM-3S
27 If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret.
ei~te CONJ glwvssh/ N-DSF ti? X-NSM lalei', V-PAI-3S kata; PREP duvo N-NUI h^ PRT to; T-ASN plei'ston A-ASN trei'?, N-NPM kai; CONJ ajna; PREP mevro?, N-ASN kai; CONJ eiJ'? N-NSM diermhneuevtw: V-PAM-3S
28 But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God.
eja;n COND de; CONJ mh; PRT h\/ V-PXS-3S diermhneuthv?, N-NSM sigavtw V-PAM-3S ejn PREP ejkklhsiva/, N-DSF eJautw'/ F-3DSM de; CONJ laleivtw V-PAM-3S kai; CONJ tw'/ T-DSM qew'/. N-DSM
29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.
profh'tai N-NPM de; CONJ duvo N-NUI h^ PRT trei'? N-NPM laleivtwsan, V-PAM-3P kai; CONJ oiJ T-NPM a~lloi A-NPM diakrinevtwsan: V-PAM-3P
30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.
eja;n COND de; CONJ a~llw/ A-DSM ajpokalufqh'/ V-APS-3S kaqhmevnw/, V-PNP-DSM oJ T-NSM prw'to? A-NSM sigavtw. V-PAM-3S
31 For ye may all prophesy one by one*, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.
duvnasqe V-PNI-2P ga;r CONJ kaqj PREP e&na N-ASM pavnte? A-NPM profhteuvein, V-PAN i&na CONJ pavnte? A-NPM manqavnwsin V-PAS-3P kai; CONJ pavnte? A-NPM parakalw'ntai, V-PPS-3P
32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.
kai; CONJ pneuvmata N-NPN profhtw'n N-GPM profhvtai? N-DPM uJpotavssetai: V-PPI-3S
33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
ouj PRT gavr CONJ ejstin V-PXI-3S ajkatastasiva? N-GSF oJ T-NSM qeo;? N-NSM ajlla; CONJ eijrhvnh?. N-GSF JW? ADV ejn PREP pavsai? A-DPF tai'? T-DPF ejkklhsivai? N-DPF tw'n T-GPM aJgivwn, A-GPM
34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
aiJ T-NPF gunai'ke? N-NPF ejn PREP tai'? T-DPF ejkklhsivai? N-DPF sigavtwsan, V-PAM-3P ouj PRT ga;r CONJ ejpitrevpetai V-PPI-3S aujtai'? P-DPF lalei'n: V-PAN ajlla; CONJ uJpotassevsqwsan, V-PPM-3P kaqw;? ADV kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM novmo? N-NSM levgei. V-PAI-3S
35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
eij COND dev CONJ ti X-NSN maqei'n qevlousin, V-PAI-3P ejn PREP oi~kw/ N-DSM tou;? T-APM ijdivou? A-APM a~ndra? N-APM ejperwtavtwsan, V-PAM-3P aijscro;n A-NSN gavr CONJ ejstin V-PXI-3S gunaiki; N-DSF lalei'n V-PAN ejn PREP ejkklhsiva/. N-DSF
36 What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?
h^ PRT ajfj PREP uJmw'n P-2GP oJ T-NSM lovgo? N-NSM tou' T-GSM qeou' N-GSM ejxh'lqen, h^ PRT eij? PREP uJma'? P-2AP movnou? A-APM kathvnthsen; V-AAI-3S
37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.
Ei~ COND ti? X-NSM dokei' V-PAI-3S profhvth? N-NSM ei\nai V-PXN h^ PRT pneumatikov?, A-NSM ejpiginwskevtw V-PAM-3S aJ; R-APN gravfw V-PAI-1S uJmi'n P-2DP o&ti CONJ kurivou N-GSM ejsti;n V-PXI-3S ejntolhv: N-NSF
38 But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.
eij COND dev CONJ ti? X-NSM ajgnoei', V-PAI-3S ajgnoei'tai. V-PPI-3S
39 Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.
w&ste, CONJ ajdelfoiv N-VPM ?mou?, P-1GS zhlou'te V-PAM-2P to; T-ASN profhteuvein, V-PAN kai; CONJ to; T-ASN lalei'n V-PAN mh; PRT kwluvete V-PAM-2P glwvssai?: N-DPF
40 Let all things be done decently and in order.
pavnta A-NPN de; CONJ eujschmovnw? ADV kai; CONJ kata; PREP tavxin ginevsqw. V-PNM-3S