Interlinear Bible Matthew 15:21-28

21 Jesus went away from there, and withdrew into the district of Tyre and Sidon.
Kai; CONJ ejxelqw;n ejkei'qen ADV oJ T-NSM #Ihsou'? N-NSM ajnecwvrhsen V-AAI-3S eij? PREP ta; T-APN mevrh N-APN Tuvrou N-GSF kai; CONJ Sidw'no?. N-GSF
22 And a Canaanite woman from that region came out and began to cry out, saying, "Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter is cruelly demon-possessed."
kai; CONJ ijdou; V-2AAM-2S gunh; N-NSF Xananaiva A-NSF ajpo; PREP tw'n T-GPN oJrivwn N-GPN ejkeivnwn D-GPN ejxelqou'sa e~krazen V-IAI-3S levgousa, V-PAP-NSF #Elevhsovn V-AAM-2S me, P-1AS kuvrie, N-VSM uiJo;? N-NSM Dauivd: N-PRI hJ T-NSF qugavthr N-NSF mou P-1GS kakw'? ADV daimonivzetai. V-PNI-3S
23 But He did not answer her a word. And His disciples came and implored Him, saying, "Send her away, because she keeps shouting at us."
oJ T-NSM de; CONJ oujk PRT ajpekrivqh V-ADI-3S aujth'/ P-DSF lovgon. N-ASM kai; CONJ proselqovnte? V-2AAP-NPM oiJ T-NPM maqhtai; N-NPM aujtou' P-GSM hjrwvtoun V-IAI-3P aujto;n P-ASM levgonte?, V-PAP-NPM #Apovluson V-AAM-2S aujthvn, P-ASF o&ti CONJ kravzei V-PAI-3S o~pisqen ADV hJmw'n. P-1GP
24 But He answered and said, "I was sent only * * to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
oJ T-NSM de; CONJ ajpokriqei;? V-AOP-NSM ei\pen, V-2AAI-3S Oujk PRT ajpestavlhn V-2API-1S eij COND mh; PRT eij? PREP ta; T-APN provbata N-APN ta; T-APN ajpolwlovta V-2RAP-APN oi~kou N-GSM #Israhvl. N-PRI
25 But she came and began to bow down before Him, saying, "Lord, help me!"
hJ T-NSF de; CONJ ejlqou'sa V-2AAP-NSF prosekuvnei V-IAI-3S aujtw'/ P-DSM levgousa, V-PAP-NSF Kuvrie, N-VSM bohvqei V-PAM-2S moi. P-1DS
26 And He answered and said, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs."
oJ T-NSM de; CONJ ajpokriqei;? V-AOP-NSM ei\pen, V-2AAI-3S Oujk PRT e~stin V-PXI-3S kalo;n A-NSN labei'n V-2AAN to;n T-ASM a~rton N-ASM tw'n T-GPN tevknwn N-GPN kai; CONJ balei'n V-2AAN toi'? T-DPN kunarivoi?. N-DPN
27 But she said, "Yes, Lord; but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters' table."
hJ T-NSF de; CONJ ei\pen, V-2AAI-3S Naiv, PRT kuvrie, N-VSM kai; CONJ ga;r CONJ ta; T-NPN kunavria N-NPN ejsqivei V-PAI-3S ajpo; PREP tw'n T-GPM yicivwn N-GPN tw'n T-GPM piptovntwn V-PAP-GPN ajpo; PREP th'? T-GSF trapevzh? N-GSF tw'n T-GPM kurivwn N-GPM aujtw'n. P-GPN
28 Then Jesus said to her, "O woman, your faith is great; it shall be done for you as you wish." And her daughter was healed at once *.
tovte ADV ajpokriqei;? V-AOP-NSM oJ T-NSM #Ihsou'? N-NSM ei\pen V-2AAI-3S aujth'/, P-DSF \w INJ guvnai, N-VSF megavlh A-NSF sou P-2GS hJ T-NSF pivsti?: N-NSF genhqhvtw V-AOM-3S soi P-2DS wJ? ADV qevlei?. V-PAI-2S kai; CONJ ijavqh V-API-3S hJ T-NSF qugavthr N-NSF aujth'? P-GSF ajpo; PREP th'? T-GSF w&ra? N-GSF ejkeivnh?. D-GSF
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