Isaiah 34:12

12 Her nobles will have nothing there to be called a kingdom, all her princes will vanish away.

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They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom, but none shall be there, and all her princes shall be nothing.
Its nobles--there is no one there to call it a kingdom, and all its princes shall be nothing.
It will be called the Land of Nothing, and all its nobles will soon be gone.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Isaiah 34:12

They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom, but
none [shall be] there
They shall call them to take upon them the kingdom and government, and there shall be none to do it, or that will care to do it; or rather there will be no kingdom to take unto them. The words may be rendered either, "as for the nobles thereof, not there a kingdom shall they be called" F16; or, "the nobles shall call"; or, "they shall call the nobles", and "there shall be no kingdom" F17; the kingdom of the beast, as it is called, ( Revelation 16:10 ) shall be no more; and though the cardinals, who are like to nobles, may call for it, and expect it, or be called to it, yet to no purpose; this kingdom will not only be full of darkness, but utterly destroyed:

and all her princes shall be nothing;
shall come to nothing; the above mentioned cardinals, who are clothed and live like princes, these shall be no more; the same with the merchants of the earth, which like the merchants of Tyre are princes, ( Revelation 18:3 Revelation 18:11 ) ( Isaiah 23:8 ) .


F16 (warqy hkwlm Mv Nyaw hyrx) "nobiles ejus, et non ibi regnum vocabuntur", Forerius.
F17 "Ingenuos ejus vocabunt, et non erit ibi regnum", Tigurine version.
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