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Job 33:6

6 I am the same as you in God’s sight; I too am a piece of clay.

Job 33:6 in Other Translations

6 Behold, I am according to thy wish in God's stead: I also am formed out of the clay.
6 Behold, I am toward God as you are; I too was pinched off from a piece of clay.
6 Look, you and I both belong to God. I, too, was formed from clay.
6 Look, I'm human - no better than you; we're both made of the same kind of mud.
6 I am just like you before God; I was also pinched off from [a piece of] clay.

Job 33:6 Meaning and Commentary

Job 33:6

Behold, I [am] according to thy wish in God's stead
So some persons are, as civil magistrates, the ministers of the word, the prophets of the Old Testament, and the apostles of the New; see ( 2 Corinthians 5:20 ) ; and so in some sense was Elihu; he undertakes to be an advocate for God, to vindicate his justice in his dealings with the children of men, and clear him from the charge of severity towards them, and hard usage of them, and particularly Job; and whom he besought, as in God's stead, to be reconciled to his providential dealings with him; to bear his afflictions patiently, and wait the issue of them: or "I am as thou art"; so the Targum and Ben Gersom interpret it; one that belongs to God, a creature of God's, a sinful frail mortal creature, as Job was, and accountable to God; one that belonged to him both as the God of nature and providence, and of grace; and such an one Job seemed to have wished for, to dispute the point in question with; see ( Job 9:32 Job 9:33 ) ;

I also am formed out of the clay;
or "cut out" F5 of it; alluding to the potter, who, out of a mass or lump of clay before him, cuts a piece out of it to make a vessel of God is the potter, men are as clay in his hands, their bodies are bodies of clay, houses of clay, which have their foundation in the dust; reference may be had to the original formation of man, ( Genesis 2:7 ) , and may denote not so, much the pollution of his nature, clay being defiling, but the frailty of man, a vessel made of clay being brittle, and easily broken; see ( Job 4:19 ) ( 10:9 ) ( 13:12 ) ( Isaiah 64:8 ) .


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Job 33:6 In-Context

4 The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
5 Answer me then, if you can; stand up and argue your case before me.
6 I am the same as you in God’s sight; I too am a piece of clay.
7 No fear of me should alarm you, nor should my hand be heavy on you.
8 “But you have said in my hearing— I heard the very words—

Cross References 2

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  • 2. S Job 4:19
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