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John 7:53

53 Then they all went home,

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And every man went unto his own house.
[[They went each to his own house,
Then the meeting broke up, and everybody went home.

What does John 7:53 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
John 7:53

And every man went unto his own house.
] The officers not bringing Jesus with them, and the sanhedrim being posed with Nicodemus, broke up without doing any business, and every member of it went home: this we may suppose was about the time of the evening sacrifice: for

``the great sanhedrim sat from the time of the morning daily sacrifice, to the time of the evening daily sacrifice F2:''

and it is said F3, that

``after the evening daily sacrifice, the sanhedrim went, (Mtybl) , "to their own houses";''

as they now did, and not to their booths, the feast of tabernacles being now over.


F2 Maimon. Hilchot Sanhedrin, c. 3. sect. 1.
F3 Piske Tosephot Sanhedrin, art. 35.
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