Joshua 19:11

11 Going west it ran to Maralah, touched Dabbesheth, and extended to the ravine near Jokneam.

Joshua 19:11 in Other Translations

11 And their border went up toward the sea, and Maralah, and reached to Dabbasheth, and reached to the river that is before Jokneam;
11 Then their boundary goes up westward and on to Mareal and touches Dabbesheth, then the brook that is east of Jokneam.
11 From there it went west, going past Maralah, touching Dabbesheth, and proceeding to the brook east of Jokneam.
11 It ran west to Maralah, met Dabbesheth, and then went to the brook opposite Jokneam.
11 their border went up westward to Maralah, reached Dabbesheth, and met the brook east of Jokneam.

Joshua 19:11 Meaning and Commentary

Joshua 19:11

And their border went up toward the sea
Westward towards the Mediterranean sea, which fulfilled the prophecies of Jacob and Moses, that Zebulun should dwell by the sea, be an haven of ships, and take of the abundance of the seas, as in the places before referred to; and so Josephus says, the Zebulunites took the land unto the lake of Gennesaret, by or about Carmel and the sea:

and Maralah;
which Jerom calls F7 the ascent of Zebulun; for from hence it went up from the sea, and reached to Dabbasheth; which Jerom calls Dasbath; the word signifies a hump that is on a camel's back, ( Isaiah 30:6 ) ; so called because when that is hurt by burdens it is cured with honey F8; it seems to denote some place or city at a point of land or promontory, that stood out towards the sea, as that of Carmel; or some city on the back of Carmel, resembling a camel's hump:

and reached to the river that [is] before Jokneam;
of Jokneam, (See Gill on Joshua 12:22); and this river was either the river Kishon, or Belus, sometimes called Pagida; from whence sand was taken to make glass of F11, and was near Carmel, as Jokneam was.


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Joshua 19:11 In-Context

9 The inheritance of the Simeonites was taken from the share of Judah, because Judah’s portion was more than they needed. So the Simeonites received their inheritance within the territory of Judah.
10 The third lot came up for Zebulun according to its clans: The boundary of their inheritance went as far as Sarid.
11 Going west it ran to Maralah, touched Dabbesheth, and extended to the ravine near Jokneam.
12 It turned east from Sarid toward the sunrise to the territory of Kisloth Tabor and went on to Daberath and up to Japhia.
13 Then it continued eastward to Gath Hepher and Eth Kazin; it came out at Rimmon and turned toward Neah.

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