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4 I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.
2 Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray. 3 My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.
8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping.
6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.
13 The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals of fire.
3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
7 That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.
7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.
2 Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle.
6 Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications.
3 The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters. 4 The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is full of majesty. 5 The voice of the LORD breaketh the cedars; yea, the LORD breaketh the cedars of Lebanon.
7 The voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire. 8 The voice of the LORD shaketh the wilderness; the LORD shaketh the wilderness of Kadesh. 9 The voice of the LORD maketh the hinds to calve, and discovereth the forests: and in his temple doth every one speak of his glory.
22 For I said in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes: nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee.
4 When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me: for I had gone with the multitude, I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday.
7 Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.
16 For the voice of him that reproacheth and blasphemeth; by reason of the enemy and avenger.
6 The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.
1 O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.
5 God is gone up with a shout, the LORD with the sound of a trumpet.
3 Because of the voice of the enemy, because of the oppression of the wicked: for they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me.
5 Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely.
1 Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy.
8 O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard:
19 But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer.
33 To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, which were of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice.
23 Forget not the voice of thine enemies: the tumult of those that rise up against thee increaseth continually.
1 I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me.
17 The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad. 18 The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.
11 But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me.
6 Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications.
3 The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. 4 The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.
5 Sing unto the LORD with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm. 6 With trumpets and sound of cornet make a joyful noise before the LORD, the King.
5 By reason of the voice of my groaning my bones cleave to my skin.
20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.
7 At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.
12 By them shall the fowls of the heaven have their habitation, which sing among the branches.
25 But murmured in their tents, and hearkened not unto the voice of the LORD.
1 I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications.
15 The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.
149 Hear my voice according unto thy lovingkindness: O LORD, quicken me according to thy judgment.
2 Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.
6 I said unto the LORD, Thou art my God: hear the voice of my supplications, O LORD.
1 LORD, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee.
1 I cried unto the LORD with my voice; with my voice unto the LORD did I make my supplication.
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