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Isaiah 32:9-20

Against the Carefree Women

9 Women [who are] at ease, rise up; hear my voice! Carefree daughters, listen [to] my word!
10 {In a year} you will tremble, carefree ones, for [the] vintage will come to an end; [the] harvest will not come.
11 Tremble, [you who are] at ease; tremble, carefree ones; strip, and strip yourself, and gird yourself on [your] loins,
12 mourning over breasts, over fields of delight, over [the] fruitful vine,
13 over the soil of my people. It goes up [in] thorns [and] briers, indeed over all of [the] houses of joy [in the] jubilant city.
14 For [the] palace will be forsaken, [the] {crowded city} deserted; [the] hill and [the] watchtower will become a cave forever, [the] joy of wild asses, a pasture {for} flocks.
15 Until a spirit is poured out on us from on high, and [the] wilderness becomes [a] fruitful field, and [the] fruitful field is reckoned as the forest.
16 Then justice will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness will live in the fruitful field.
17 And the work of righteousness will be peace, and the work of righteousness, quietness and security forever.
18 And my people will dwell in a settlement of peace and in a dwelling place of security and in undisturbed resting places.
19 And it hails when {the forest comes down}, and the city will become low in humiliation.
20 Happy [are] you who sow by all waters, who let the foot of the ox and the donkey go free.