Leviticus 11:15

15 any kind of raven,

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Every raven after his kind;
every raven of any kind,
ravens of all kinds,

What does Leviticus 11:15 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Leviticus 11:15

Every raven after his kind.
] The red raven, night raven, the water raven, river raven, wood raven this also includes crows, rooks, pies, jays, and jackdaws The raven was with the Heathens sacred to Apollo F15, is a voracious creature, and so reckoned among unclean ones, and unfit for food; nor does the care that God takes of these creatures, or the use he has made of them, contradict this; see ( Job 38:41 ) ( Psalms 147:9 ) ( 1 Kings 17:4 1 Kings 17:6 ) .


F15 Aelian. De Animal. l. 1. c. 48. & l. 7. c. 18.
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