2 Timothy 1:17

17 The first thing he did when he got to Rome was look me up.

2 Timothy 1:17 Meaning and Commentary

2 Timothy 1:17

But when he was in Rome
Upon some business or another, where the apostle was a prisoner:

he sought me out very diligently,
and found me; as there might be many prisons in Rome, he went from one to another, till he found him; and was one of those to whom Christ will say hereafter, "I was in prison and ye came unto me", ( Matthew 25:36 ) or the reason of his going from place to place in quest of him was this; the apostle was not in any particular place of confinement, but had a lodging where he was kept by a soldier, and which with some difficulty Onesiphorus found out: the manner of his bonds was this; he had a long chain fastened at one end to his right arm, and at the other to the left arm of the soldier that kept him, who constantly attended him in this form, wherever he went; and it is possible that in this way he might have liberty to go about and visit his friends; and this might still make it more difficult for Onesiphorus to find him.

2 Timothy 1:17 In-Context

15 I'm sure you know by now that everyone in the province of Asia deserted me, even Phygelus and Hermogenes.
16 But God bless Onesiphorus and his family! Many's the time I've been refreshed in that house. And he wasn't embarrassed a bit that I was in jail.
17 The first thing he did when he got to Rome was look me up.
18 May God on the Last Day treat him as well as he treated me. And then there was all the help he provided in Ephesus - but you know that better than I.
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