Acts 17:20

20 Explain it so we can understand."

Acts 17:20 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 17:20

For thou bringest certain strange things to our ears
Strange doctrines and strange deities, such as they had never heard of before:

we would know therefore what these things mean;
they desire he would explain these things to them, and let them know the rise, and ground, and nature, and end, and design of them.

Acts 17:20 In-Context

18 He got to know some of the Epicurean and Stoic intellectuals pretty well through these conversations. Some of them dismissed him with sarcasm: "What an airhead!" But others, listening to him go on about Jesus and the resurrection, were intrigued: "That's a new slant on the gods. Tell us more."
19 These people got together and asked him to make a public presentation over at the Areopagus, where things were a little quieter. They said, "This is a new one on us. We've never heard anything quite like it. Where did you come up with this anyway?
20 Explain it so we can understand."
21 Downtown Athens was a great place for gossip. There were always people hanging around, natives and tourists alike, waiting for the latest tidbit on most anything.
22 So Paul took his stand in the open space at the Areopagus and laid it out for them. "It is plain to see that you Athenians take your religion seriously.
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