Genesis 31:6

6 You know how hard I've worked for your father.

Genesis 31:6 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 31:6

And ye know, that with all my power I have served your
] With all faithfulness and uprightness; with all diligence and industry; with all wisdom and prudence; with all my might and main, contriving the best methods, and sparing no pains by day or night to take care of his flocks, and increase his substance: of this his wives had been witnesses for twenty years past, and to them he appeals for the truth of it; so that there was no just reason for their father's behaviour towards him.

Genesis 31:6 In-Context

4 So Jacob sent word for Rachel and Leah to meet him out in the field where his flocks were.
5 He said, "I notice that your father has changed toward me; he doesn't treat me the same as before. But the God of my father hasn't changed; he's still with me.
6 You know how hard I've worked for your father.
7 Still, your father has cheated me over and over, changing my wages time and again. But God never let him really hurt me.
8 If he said, 'Your wages will consist of speckled animals' the whole flock would start having speckled lambs and kids. And if he said, 'From now on your wages will be streaked animals' the whole flock would have streaked ones.
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