Job 15:11

11 Are God's promises not enough for you, spoken so gently and tenderly?

Job 15:11 Meaning and Commentary

Job 15:11

[Are] the consolations of God small with thee?
&c.] Meaning either those which Eliphaz and his friends had administered, when, upon his repentance and reformation, they promised him great and good things that should befall him and his family, and that his latter end should be greater than his beginning; which Job slighted, took no notice of, nor entertained any hope concerning it; and these they called the consolations of God, not only because great, as things excellent have the name of God added to them, to express their excellency, but because they were administered in the name of God, and were according to the word and will of God, at least as they thought: Ben Gersom renders it, "the consolations of these"; these were Bildad and Zophar; so Bar Tzemach; or, as others, "these consolations" F2 which I and my friends have suggested; but not human, rather divine consolations are meant; and this is a fresh charge against Job, that he made light of such, even the consolations of God, Father, Son, and Spirit, who are each of them comforters; saints may and should comfort one another, and ministers of the Gospel are Barnabases, sons of consolation; but God is the great Comforter, it is he only can speak and apply comfort to purpose; and his consolations are not to be accounted "small", if it be considered from whence they come, from the great God, the Creator, to creatures, dust and ashes, sinful ones, on whom they are bestowed, such as are undeserving of them, yea, deserving of the wrath of God, and the curses of his law; and also the nature of these comforts, as that they are strong consolations, and effectual through the power and grace of God, and are everlasting, the matter and foundation of them being so; and though they may be refused through unbelief, as being too great in the view of a sinful creature for himself yet they can never be accounted small, or slighted and despised by a gracious soul; nor can it be though they were by Job, since he was so distressed with the arrows of the Almighty, a sense of divine wrath, and was so desirous of the divine Presence, and even begged he might take comfort a little:

is there any secret thing with thee?
any secret wisdom and knowledge which they were strangers to; or any secret way of conveying comfort to him they knew not of; or any secret sin in him, any Achan in the camp, ( Joshua 7:11-13 ) , that hindered him from receiving comfort, or put him upon slighting what was offered to him.


F2 (la twmwxnt) "consolationes istorum virorum", Vatablus; "consolationes istae", so some in Drusius.

Job 15:11 In-Context

9 What do you know that we don't know? What insights do you have that we've missed?
10 Gray beards and white hair back us up - old folks who've been around a lot longer than you.
11 Are God's promises not enough for you, spoken so gently and tenderly?
12 Why do you let your emotions take over, lashing out and spitting fire,
13 Pitting your whole being against God by letting words like this come out of your mouth?
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