John 4:50

50 Jesus simply replied, "Go home. Your son lives."

John 4:50 Meaning and Commentary

John 4:50

Jesus saith unto him, go thy way
Return home in peace, be not over much troubled and distressed about this matter; leave it with me, I will take care of it; all will be well: so the Persic version reads, "be not anxious, and go thy way"; do not be solicitous for my presence, or urge me to go with thee; depart alone, there is no necessity for my being upon the spot:

thy son liveth;
he is now recovered of his disease, and is well, and in perfect health, and lives, and will live:

and the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken to him;
such power went along with the words of Christ, as not only cured the son at that distance, who lay at the point of death, but also the father of his unbelief; and he no more insisted on his going down with him, but firmly believed that his son was alive, and well, as Christ had said he was:

and he went his way;
he took his leave of Christ, and set out for Capernaum; very probably, not the same day, it being now in the afternoon of the day; but the next morning, as it should seem from what follows.

John 4:50 In-Context

48 Jesus put him off: "Unless you people are dazzled by a miracle, you refuse to believe."
49 But the court official wouldn't be put off. "Come down! It's life or death for my son."
50 Jesus simply replied, "Go home. Your son lives."
51 On his way back, his servants intercepted him and announced, "Your son lives!"
52 He asked them what time he began to get better. They said, "The fever broke yesterday afternoon at one o'clock."
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