Psalms 142:2

2 I spill out all my complaints before him, and spell out my troubles in detail:

Psalms 142:2 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 142:2

I poured out my complaint before him
Not a complaint of the Lord and of his providences, but of himself; of his sins, and particularly his unbelief; and also of them that persecuted and afflicted him; which he "poured" out from the abundance of his heart, and in the bitterness of his soul; denoting the fulness of his prayer, his freedom in it, the power and fervency of it, and which he left before the Lord, and submitted to his will; see ( Psalms 102:1 ) , title;

I showed before him my trouble;
the present trouble he was in, being pursued and surrounded by Saul and his army; not as if the Lord was ignorant of it, and did not see and observe it, but to affect his own soul with it, to exercise grace under it, and ease his burdened and distressed mind; the best of men have their troubles both within and without, and the way to be rid of them is to carry them to the Lord.

Psalms 142:2 In-Context

1 I cry out loudly to God, loudly I plead with God for mercy.
2 I spill out all my complaints before him, and spell out my troubles in detail:
3 "As I sink in despair, my spirit ebbing away, you know how I'm feeling, Know the danger I'm in, the traps hidden in my path.
4 Look right, look left - there's not a soul who cares what happens! I'm up against it, with no exit - bereft, left alone.
5 I cry out, God, call out: 'You're my last chance, my only hope for life!'
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