Psalms 46:6

6 Godless nations rant and rave, kings and kingdoms threaten, but Earth does anything he says.

Psalms 46:6 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 46:6

The Heathen raged
As they did at Christ's first coming, against him, his Gospel, and people; and which continued during the three first centuries; and then the Pagan kingdoms belonging to the Roman empire were removed; since then another sort of Heathens, the Papists, have raged, in violent persecutions and bloodshed of the saints and martyrs of Jesus, and will rage again, about and at the downfall of Babylon; see ( Revelation 11:18 ) ( 16:10 ) ;

the kingdoms were moved;
either from their Pagan or Papal religion, and became subject to Christ. So it was at the downfall of Rome Pagan; and so it will be at the downfall of Rome Papal; when the kings of the earth shall hate the whore, make her desolate, and burn her flesh with fire. Or they shall be destroyed; that is, those that shall be gathered together in Armageddon, to make war with the Lamb; see ( Revelation 16:14 Revelation 16:16 ) ( 17:14 ) ( Revelation 19:15 Revelation 19:20 Revelation 19:21 ) ;

he uttered his voice, the earth melted;
like wax, as the inhabitants of the earth do at the voice of his thunder, and as antichrist will at the breath of his mouth; and all within the Romish jurisdiction, signified by "the earth", as it often is in the book of the Revelation, when the voice of the mighty angel shall be heard, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen", ( Revelation 18:1 Revelation 18:2 Revelation 18:9-11 Revelation 18:15-19 ) .

Psalms 46:6 In-Context

4 River fountains splash joy, cooling God's city, this sacred haunt of the Most High.
5 God lives here, the streets are safe, God at your service from crack of dawn.
6 Godless nations rant and rave, kings and kingdoms threaten, but Earth does anything he says.
7 Jacob-wrestling God fights for us, God of angel armies protects us.
8 Attention, all! See the marvels of God! He plants flowers and trees all over the earth,
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