Proverbs 17:21

21 He who 1sires a fool does so to his sorrow, And the father of a fool has no joy.

Proverbs 17:21 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 17:21

He that begetteth a fool [doth it] to his sorrow
As it proves in the issue; though it was joy to him when a man child was born, and took delight in him while in infancy and childhood, and promised himself much happiness in him when at years of discretion; but, instead of that, he departs from his education principles, despises all parental counsels and advice, and goes into all the extravagance of sin and folly; which is an heartbreaking to his godly and religious parents; for this is to be understood; not of an idiot, but of a wicked son, taking bad courses; and the father of a fool hath no joy;
in his son, but sorrow, and has scarce any joy or pleasure in anything else in all his enjoyments; the trouble he is filled with on his account embitters all he has, that he can take no satisfaction, or have any comfort of life; the concern for his son is uppermost in his thoughts, and hinders him from taking that pleasure which otherwise he might enjoy.

Proverbs 17:21 In-Context

19 He who loves transgression loves strife; He who raises his door seeks destruction.
20 He who has a crooked mind finds no good, And he who is perverted in his language falls into evil.
21 He who sires a fool does so to his sorrow, And the father of a fool has no joy.
22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.
23 A wicked man receives a bribe from the bosom To pervert the ways of justice.

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