Ezekiel 42:2

2 This structure, whose entrance opened toward the north, was 175 feet long and 87 feet wide.

Ezekiel 42:2 Meaning and Commentary

Ezekiel 42:2

Before the length of an hundred cubits was the north door
That is, the north door of the house opened to a space that lay between that and the chambers, which was a hundred cubits long: and the breadth was fifty cubits;
or the sense is, that the prophet was brought, as Noldius renders the words F20, to a place whose length was an hundred cubits towards the north door;
so that they describe the length and breadth of these chambers, the whole of them; and to this agrees the Arabic version: this account of them makes them larger than Solomon's temple, ( 1 Kings 6:2 ) , which may signify the largeness of these churches; the number of men in them; and the abundance of spiritual blessings and privileges, of light and knowledge, peace and joy, possessed by them: but the measure being oblong, and not foursquare, as the city of the New Jerusalem, ( Revelation 21:16 ) , shows they are not yet come to stability and perfection.


F20 Concord. Ebr. Partic. p. 82.

Ezekiel 42:2 In-Context

1 Then the man led me out of the Temple courtyard by way of the north gateway. We entered the outer courtyard and came to a group of rooms against the north wall of the inner courtyard.
2 This structure, whose entrance opened toward the north, was 175 feet long and 87 feet wide.
3 One block of rooms overlooked the 35-foot width of the inner courtyard. Another block of rooms looked out onto the pavement of the outer courtyard. The two blocks were built three levels high and stood across from each other.
4 Between the two blocks of rooms ran a walkway 17 feet wide. It extended the entire 175 feet of the complex, and all the doors faced north.
5 Each of the two upper levels of rooms was narrower than the one beneath it because the upper levels had to allow space for walkways in front of them.

Footnotes 2

  • [a]. Hebrew 100 cubits [53 meters]; also in 42:8 .
  • [b]. Hebrew 50 cubits [26.5 meters]; also in 42:7, 8 .
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