Ezekiel 42:9

9 There was an eastern entrance from the outer courtyard to these rooms.

Ezekiel 42:9 Meaning and Commentary

Ezekiel 42:9

And from under these chambers
Or, "from the lower part of these chambers" F26; or, "from the lowest" of them there was a space, as may be supplied, and as is by Cocceius and Starchius; and as there was a wall to the west of them, so there was a void space to the east; and as follows: the entry on the east side:
or, "he that brought me from the east" F1, as the Keri; and coming eastward to these chambers, one must needs go through this space: as one goeth into them from the utter court;
if a man went eastward into those chambers from the outward court he must go through this space, which lay to the east of the lowest chambers: or the sense is, that from under the north chambers to the south was an entry on the east side, which led from one to the other.


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F1 (aybmh Mydqhm) "is qui deducebat me ab oriente", Junius & Tremellius; "quumque is qui introduxerat me ab orientes", Piscator.

Ezekiel 42:9 In-Context

7 There was an outer wall that separated the rooms from the outer courtyard; it was 87 feet long.
8 This wall added length to the outer block of rooms, which extended for only 87 feet, while the inner block—the rooms toward the Temple—extended for 175 feet.
9 There was an eastern entrance from the outer courtyard to these rooms.
10 On the south side of the Temple there were two blocks of rooms just south of the inner courtyard between the Temple and the outer courtyard. These rooms were arranged just like the rooms on the north.
11 There was a walkway between the two blocks of rooms just like the complex on the north side of the Temple. This complex of rooms was the same length and width as the other one, and it had the same entrances and doors. The dimensions of each were identical.
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