Ezekiel 42:7

7 There was an outer wall that separated the rooms from the outer courtyard; it was 87 feet long.

Ezekiel 42:7 Meaning and Commentary

Ezekiel 42:7

And the wall that was without over against the chambers
This wall separated and distinguished the chambers from the outward court, as well as was a protection of them; and signifies the grace and power of God, which separates his true churches from the world, and is the security of them; (See Gill on Ezekiel 11:5) this was towards the utter court, on the fore part of the chambers;
or front of them, which seems to be to the north of them; since their doors were towards the north, ( Ezekiel 42:4 ) , though Cocceius makes it to be to the west, which better agrees with what follows: the length thereof was fifty cubits;
which answers to the breadth of the chambers, ( Ezekiel 42:2 ) and what is called length here, with respect to the wall, is called the breadth with respect to the chambers. The wall of divine protection is equal to the length and breadth, and even the whole compass, of the churches of Christ.

Ezekiel 42:7 In-Context

5 Each of the two upper levels of rooms was narrower than the one beneath it because the upper levels had to allow space for walkways in front of them.
6 Since there were three levels and they did not have supporting columns as in the courtyards, each of the upper levels was set back from the level beneath it.
7 There was an outer wall that separated the rooms from the outer courtyard; it was 87 feet long.
8 This wall added length to the outer block of rooms, which extended for only 87 feet, while the inner block—the rooms toward the Temple—extended for 175 feet.
9 There was an eastern entrance from the outer courtyard to these rooms.
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