Jeremiah 23:5

5 “For the time is coming,” says the LORD, “when I will raise up a righteous descendant from King David’s line. He will be a King who rules with wisdom. He will do what is just and right throughout the land.

Jeremiah 23:5 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 23:5

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord
Or, "are coming" {d}; and will soon be here, a few days, months, and years more; so it was usual with the prophets to represent the coming of Christ as near at hand, to comfort the saints, and keep up their faith and expectation of him, and especially the latter prophets; see ( Haggai 2:6 Haggai 2:7 ) ( Zechariah 9:9 ) ( Malachi 3:1 ) ; as also to usher in their prophecies of this sort with a behold, as a note of admiration, attention, and asseveration; see ( Isaiah 7:14 ) ( Zechariah 3:8 ) ( 6:12 ) ; that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch;
the Messiah; so it is explained by the Targum, which calls him the Messiah of the righteous; and by Kimchi and Ben Melech; and by the ancient Jews F5 also; who is frequently by the prophets spoken of as a branch, ( Isaiah 4:2 ) ( 11:1 ) ( Zechariah 3:8 ) ( 6:12 ) ; which respects his incarnation, his springing up and appearance in the earth, and the meanness and weakness of it; and here, his descent from the family of David, when that was in a low and mean condition, to be his successor in his throne and kingdom, not in a temporal, but in a spiritual sense; and is a branch and plant not of man's raising, but of the Lord's, his human nature being formed without the help of man; and is that tabernacle which God pitched, and not man; and is therefore elsewhere called the Branch of the Lord, and said to be brought forth by him, ( Isaiah 4:2 ) ( Zechariah 3:8 ) ; the epithet of "righteous" is given him, because righteous in himself, and the author of righteousness to others; a branch that brings forth and bears the fruits of righteousness, from whence all those that are ingrafted in him come to have righteousness; and a King shall reign and prosper;
the King Messiah, the same with David's righteous Branch, his son and offspring; who was appointed by God the Father "King" over Zion, the church, from all eternity; was always promised and spoken of as a King, and came as such, though his kingdom was not with observation, it being not of this world; and when he ascended to heaven, he was declared Lord and Christ; and now "reigns" on the same throne with his Father, and will till all enemies are put under his footstool: and as he prospered in his priestly office, by obtaining the redemption and salvation of his people, which is the "pleasure of the Lord" that was to "prosper in his hand", ( Isaiah 53:10 ) ; so likewise in his kingly and prophetic offices, by going forth in his Gospel conquering and to conquer; riding forth therein prosperously, and subduing his enemies, and causing his ministers to triumph in him: or, "shall deal prudently" F6, as the word is rendered in ( Isaiah 52:13 ) ; (See Gill on Isaiah 52:13); and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth:
in his church, and among his people, by governing them with righteous laws, and by protecting and defending them from their enemies; for "all judgment [is] committed to the Son"; who will judge one day the whole world in righteousness; see ( John 5:22 ) ( Acts 17:31 ) ( Isaiah 9:7 ) .


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F6 (lykvhw) "et prudenter aget", Calvin, Tigurine version; "aget intelligenter", Montanus.

Jeremiah 23:5 In-Context

3 But I will gather together the remnant of my flock from the countries where I have driven them. I will bring them back to their own sheepfold, and they will be fruitful and increase in number.
4 Then I will appoint responsible shepherds who will care for them, and they will never be afraid again. Not a single one will be lost or missing. I, the LORD, have spoken!
5 “For the time is coming,” says the LORD, “when I will raise up a righteous descendant from King David’s line. He will be a King who rules with wisdom. He will do what is just and right throughout the land.
6 And this will be his name: ‘The LORD Is Our Righteousness.’ In that day Judah will be saved, and Israel will live in safety.
7 “In that day,” says the LORD, “when people are taking an oath, they will no longer say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who rescued the people of Israel from the land of Egypt.’

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  • [a]. Hebrew a righteous branch.
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