Job 30:1-13

1 “But now I am mocked by people younger than I, by young men whose fathers are not worthy to run with my sheepdogs.
2 A lot of good they are to me— those worn-out wretches!
3 They are gaunt from poverty and hunger. They claw the dry ground in desolate wastelands.
4 They pluck wild greens from among the bushes and eat from the roots of broom trees.
5 They are driven from human society, and people shout at them as if they were thieves.
6 So now they live in frightening ravines, in caves and among the rocks.
7 They sound like animals howling among the bushes, huddled together beneath the nettles.
8 They are nameless fools, outcasts from society.
9 “And now they mock me with vulgar songs! They taunt me!
10 They despise me and won’t come near me, except to spit in my face.
11 For God has cut my bowstring. He has humbled me, so they have thrown off all restraint.
12 These outcasts oppose me to my face. They send me sprawling and lay traps in my path.
13 They block my road and do everything they can to destroy me. They know I have no one to help me.
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