Leviticus 13:9

9 “Anyone who develops a serious skin disease must go to the priest for an examination.

Leviticus 13:9 Meaning and Commentary

Leviticus 13:9

When the plague of leprosy is in a man
He has all the signs of it, and it is pretty manifest both to himself and others that it is upon him;

then he shall be brought unto the priest;
by his friends and neighbours, if he is not willing to come of himself: a sinner insensible of the leprosy of sin, and of his unclean and miserable state through it, has no will to come to Christ the great High Priest for cleansing; but one that is sensible of it, and of Christ's ability to help and cleanse him, will come freely and gladly, and importunately seek to him for it; though indeed such an one is brought by powerful and efficacious grace to him, yet not against, but with his full will; see ( John 5:40 ) ( John 6:37 John 6:44 ) ; compare with this ( Matthew 8:1-3 ) ( Luke 17:12-14 ) .

Leviticus 13:9 In-Context

7 But if the rash continues to spread after the person has been examined by the priest and has been pronounced clean, the infected person must return to be examined again.
8 If the priest finds that the rash has spread, he must pronounce the person ceremonially unclean, for it is indeed a skin disease.
9 “Anyone who develops a serious skin disease must go to the priest for an examination.
10 If the priest finds a white swelling on the skin, and some hair on the spot has turned white, and there is an open sore in the affected area,
11 it is a chronic skin disease, and the priest must pronounce the person ceremonially unclean. In such cases the person need not be quarantined, for it is obvious that the skin is defiled by the disease.