Psalms 88:4

4 I am as good as dead, like a strong man with no strength left.

Psalms 88:4 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 88:4

I am counted with them that go down into the pit
With the dead, with them that are worthy of death, with malefactors that are judicially put to death, and are not laid in a common grave, but put into a pit together: thus Christ was reckoned and accounted of by the Jews; the sanhedrim counted him worthy of death; and the common people cried out Crucify him; and they did crucify him between two malefactors; and so he was numbered or counted with transgressors, and as one of them, ( Isaiah 53:3 Isaiah 53:4 Isaiah 53:12 ) .

I am as a man that hath no strength;
for his "strength" was "dried up like a potsherd", ( Psalms 22:15 ) , though he was the mighty God, and, as man, was made strong by the Lord for himself.

Psalms 88:4 In-Context

2 Now hear my prayer; listen to my cry.
3 For my life is full of troubles, and death draws near.
4 I am as good as dead, like a strong man with no strength left.
5 They have left me among the dead, and I lie like a corpse in a grave. I am forgotten, cut off from your care.
6 You have thrown me into the lowest pit, into the darkest depths.
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