Genesis 29:24

24 (Laban gave his maid Zilpah to his daughter Leah to be her maid.)

Genesis 29:24 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 29:24

And Laban gave unto his daughter Leah Zilpah his maid, [for]
an handmaid.
] It was usual to have many given them at this time, as Rebekah seems to have had, ( Genesis 24:59 Genesis 24:61 ) ; but Leah had but one, and this was all the portion Jacob had with her. The Targum of Jonathan is,

``and Laban gave her Zilpah his daughter, whom his concubine bore unto him:''

hence the Jews say F17, that the daughters of a man by his concubines are called maids.


F17 Pirke Eliezer, c. 36.

Genesis 29:24 In-Context

22 So Laban gathered together all the people of the place, and made a feast.
23 But in the evening he took his daughter Leah and brought her to Jacob; and he went in to her.
24 (Laban gave his maid Zilpah to his daughter Leah to be her maid.)
25 When morning came, it was Leah! And Jacob said to Laban, "What is this you have done to me? Did I not serve with you for Rachel? Why then have you deceived me?"
26 Laban said, "This is not done in our country—giving the younger before the firstborn.
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