Lamentations 3:13

13 He shot into my vitals the arrows of his quiver;

Lamentations 3:13 Meaning and Commentary

Lamentations 3:13

He hath caused the arrows of his quiver
Or, "the sons of his quiver" F9; an usual Hebraism; the quiver is compared, as Aben Ezra observes, to a pregnant woman; and Horace has a like expression, "venenatis gravidam sagittis pharetram" F11; the judgments of God are often signified by this metaphor, even his four sore ones, sword, famine, pestilence, and noisome beast, ( Deuteronomy 32:23 Deuteronomy 32:42 ) ( Ezekiel 5:16 ) ( 14:21 ) ; these, says the prophet, he caused to enter into my reins;
that is, into the midst of his land and people, or into the city of Jerusalem; or these affected his mind and heart as if so many arrows had stuck in him, the poison of which drank up his spirits, ( Job 6:4 ) ( Psalms 38:2 ) .


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Lamentations 3:13 In-Context

11 he led me off my way and tore me to pieces; he has made me desolate;
12 he bent his bow and set me as a mark for his arrow.
13 He shot into my vitals the arrows of his quiver;
14 I have become the laughingstock of all my people, the object of their taunt-songs all day long.
15 He has filled me with bitterness, he has sated me with wormwood.