Hebreos 9:22

22 De hecho, la ley exige que casi todo sea purificado con sangre, pues sin derramamiento de sangre no hay perdón.

Hebreos 9:22 Meaning and Commentary

Hebrews 9:22

And almost all things are by the law purged with blood,
&c.] All "except a few things", as the Arabic version renders it; for some things were cleansed by water, and others purged by fire, ( Numbers 31:23 ) . Some join the word almost with the word purged, as if the sense was, that all things were purged by blood, but not perfectly, only almost; but the former sense is best.

And without shedding of blood is no remission;
that is, of sin; there was no typical remission without it; and there can be no real remission but by, the blood of Christ; no instance can be given of pardon without it; if it could have been otherwise, the blood of Christ had not been shed; for so it would seem to be shed in vain, and his satisfaction to be unnecessary; nor is it agreeable to the justice of God to forgive sin without satisfaction; nor is it consistent with his veracity, and faithfulness to his word, ( Genesis 2:17 ) . It is a common saying with the Jews, and often to be met with in their writings, (Mdb ala hrpk Nya) , "there is no atonement but by blood" F11; by the shedding of blood; not by the shedding of it, as it flows out of the body of the sacrifice, but as it is poured out on the altar; for the pouring of the blood at the four corners, and at the bottom of the altar, were the chief rites required in sacrifices; nor did they reckon expiation to be expiation, unless the altar was moistened by the blood of the sacrifice F12.


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Hebreos 9:22 In-Context

20 diciendo: «Esta es la sangre del pacto que Dios ha mandado que ustedes cumplan».
21 De la misma manera roció con la sangre el tabernáculo y todos los objetos que se usaban en el culto.
22 De hecho, la ley exige que casi todo sea purificado con sangre, pues sin derramamiento de sangre no hay perdón.
23 Así que era necesario que las copias de las realidades celestiales fueran purificadas con esos sacrificios, pero que las realidades mismas lo fueran con sacrificios superiores a aquellos.
24 En efecto, Cristo no entró en un santuario hecho por manos humanas, simple copia del verdadero santuario, sino en el cielo mismo, para presentarse ahora ante Dios en favor nuestro.

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