Romanos 3:23

23 pues todos han pecado y están privados de la gloria de Dios,

Romanos 3:23 Meaning and Commentary

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned
This is the general character of all mankind; all have sinned in Adam, are guilty by his sin, polluted with it, and condemned for it; all are sinners in themselves, and by their own actual transgressions; this is the case of the whole world, and of all the men in it; not only of the Gentiles, but of the Jews, and the more righteous among them: hence there is no difference in the state and condition of men by nature; nor is there any reason from and in themselves, why God saves one and not another; nor any room to despair of the grace and righteousness of Christ, on account of persons being, in their own view, the worst of sinners:

hence it is, that they are all

come short of the glory of God;
either of glorifying of God; man was made for this purpose, and was capable of it, though now through sin incapable; and it is only by the grace of God that he is enabled to do it: or of glorying: before him; sin has made him infamous, and is his shame; by it he has forfeited all external favours, and has nothing of his own to glory in; his moral righteousness is no foundation for boasting, especially before God: or of having glory from God; the most pure and perfect creature does not of itself deserve any glory and praise from God; good men, in a way of grace, will have praise of God; but sinners can never expect any on their own account: or of the glorious grace of God, as sanctifying and pardoning grace, and particularly the grace of a justifying righteousness; man has no righteousness, nor can he work out one; nor will his own avail, he wants a better than that: or of eternal glory; which may be called the glory of God, because it is of his preparing, what he calls persons to by his grace, and which of his own free grace he bestows upon them, and will chiefly lie in the enjoyment of him; now this is represented sometimes as a prize, which is run for, and pressed after; but men, through sinning, come short of it, and must of themselves do so for ever: or rather of the image of God in man, who is called "the image and glory of God", ( 1 Corinthians 11:7 ) , which consisted externally in government over the creatures; internally, in righteousness and holiness, in wisdom and knowledge, in the bias of his mind to that which is good, and in power to perform it; of all which he is come short, or deprived by sinning.

Romanos 3:23 In-Context

21 Pero ahora, sin la mediación de la ley, se ha manifestado la justicia de Dios, de la que dan testimonio la ley y los profetas.
22 Esta justicia de Dios llega, mediante la fe en Jesucristo, a todos los que creen. De hecho, no hay distinción,
23 pues todos han pecado y están privados de la gloria de Dios,
24 pero por su gracia son justificados gratuitamente mediante la redención que Cristo Jesús efectuó.
25 Dios lo ofreció como un sacrificio de expiación que se recibe por la fe en su sangre, para así demostrar su justicia. Anteriormente, en su paciencia, Dios había pasado por alto los pecados;

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