11 Come out, O ye banot Tziyon, and behold Sh’lomo HaMelech with the atarah (crown) wherewith his em crowned him in the Yom Chasunoh (day of his wedding), and in the Yom Simchat Libo (day of the gladness of his heart [see Rv 19:6-10; Ep 5:22-33; Yn 3:29; 2C 11:1-2; Yeshayah 54:5-6; Yirmeyah 2:2Yechezkel 16:8-14,20-21,32,38; Hoshea 2:16,18-20 and here see the Shulamite as a type of the Kehillah of Moshiach and Sh’lomo Ben Dovid a type of Moshiach Ben Dovid the Ro’eh HaTov, the Good Shepherd])