Tehillim 112

1 12 Praise Hashem. Ashrei is the ish that feareth Hashem, that delighteth greatly in His mitzvot.
2 His zera shall be gibbor ba’aretz; the dor (generation) of the Yesharim (upright ones) shall be blessed.
3 Wealth and osher (riches) shall be in his bais; and his tzedakah endureth forever.
4 Unto the Yesharim (upright ones) there ariseth ohr in the choshech; he is channun, and rachum, and tzaddik.
5 A tov ish is generous, and lendeth; he will guide his affairs with mishpat.
6 Surely he shall never falter; the tzaddik shall be in remembrance olam (forever).
7 He shall not be afraid of mishmu’ah ra’ah (news of misfortune, evil tidings); his lev is nachon (steadfast), trusting in Hashem.
8 His lev is samuch (sustained), he shall not be afraid, until he look in triumph upon his foes.
9 He hath contributed freely, he hath given to the evyonim (needy); his tzedakah endureth forever; his keren shall be lifted up in kavod.
10 The rasha shall see it, and be incensed; he shall gnash his teeth, and waste away; the ta’avot resha’im (desire of the wicked ones) shall come to nothing.

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Tehillim 112 Commentary

Chapter 112

The blessedness of the righteous.

- We have to praise the Lord that there are a people in the world, who fear him and serve him, and that they are a happy people; which is owing entirely to his grace. Their fear is not that which love casts out, but that which love brings in. It follows and flows from love. It is a fear to offend. This is both fear and trust. The heart touched by the Spirit of God, as the needle touched with the loadstone, turns direct and speedily to God, yet still with trembling, being filled with this holy fear. Blessings are laid up for the faithful and their children's children; and true riches are bestowed on them, with as much of this world's possessions as is profitable for them. In the darkest hours of affliction and trial, the light of hope and peace will spring up within them, and seasonable relief shall turn mourning into joy. From their Lord's example they learn to be kind and full of compassion, as well as just in all their dealings; they use discretion, that they may be liberal in that manner which appears most likely to do good. Envy and slander may for a time hide their true characters here, but they shall be had in everlasting remembrance. They need not fear evil tidings. A good man shall have a settled spirit. And it is the endeavour of true believers to keep their minds stayed upon God, and so to keep them calm and undisturbed; and God has promised them both cause to do so, and grace to do so. Trusting in the Lord is the best and surest way of establishing the heart. The heart of man cannot fix any where with satisfaction, but in the truth of God, and there it finds firm footing. And those whose hearts are established by faith, will patiently wait till they gain their point. Compare all this with the vexation of sinners. The happiness of the saints is the envy of the wicked. The desire of the wicked shall perish; their desire was wholly to the world and the flesh, therefore when these perish, their joy is gone. But the blessings of the gospel are spiritual and eternal, and are conferred upon the members of the Christian church, through Christ their Head, who is the Pattern of all righteousness, and the Giver of all grace.

Chapter Summary


This psalm, also, very probably, was written by David, and is composed as the former, in an alphabetical order. The inscription of it in the Syriac version is,

``When David in it commanded Solomon his son, saying, Keep the commandments of, the Lord, and worship him: likewise the calling of the Gentiles and the righteousness of Christ.''

The subject matter of the psalm are the character, conduct, usefulness, and happiness of a good man.

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