Tehillim 60

1 0 (For the one directing. Set to The Shushan of the Edut. Mikhtam Dovid to instruct. When he fought Aram Naharayim and Aram Tzovah and when Yo’av returned and struck down 12,000 of Edom in the Gey Melach.) O Elohim, Thou hath rejected us, scattered us; Thou hast been angry; O restore us!
24 (4) Thou hast made eretz to tremble; Thou hast torn it asunder, heal the fractures thereof; for it tottereth.
35 (5) Thou hast showed Thy people kashah (hard times); Thou hast made us to drink the yayin of tarelah (bewilderment, reeling).
46 (6) Thou hast set up a nes (banner) to them that fear Thee, that it may be unfurled on account of the truth. Selah.
57 (7) That Thy Yedidot (beloved ones) may be saved; save with Thy Yamin (Right Hand) and hear me.
68 (8) Elohim hath spoken in His Kodesh (Holiness); I will exult, I will parcel Shechem as chelek, and measure out the Valley of Sukkot.
79 (9) Gil‘ad is Mine, and Menasheh is Mine; Ephrayim also is the ma’oz of Mine Rosh; Yehudah is My Mekhokek (prescriber of laws, lawgiver; see Gn 49:10; Isa 42:4 on Moshiach’s torah).
101 (12) Wilt not Thou, O Elohim, which hadst cast us off? And Thou, O Elohim, which didst not go out with tzivoteinu (our armies)?
111 (13) Give us help against the enemy; for vain is the teshuat adam (help, salvation of or from Man).
121 (14) In Elohim shall we obtain the victory; for He it is that shall tread down tzareinu (our enemies, oppressors).
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