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  • 8 He was taken from prison and from judgment; and who of his generation declared? For he was cut off [Daniel 9:26; Vayikra 17:10] out of Eretz Chayyim [this refers to the mot of Moshiach Ben Dovid, see v.12] mipesha ami (for the transgression of my people [Yisroel]) nega (plague cf Ps 91:10) lamo ([fell] on him [i.e., Moshiach; in light of Ps 11:7 and Job 22:2 we are warranted in saying the suffix is a singular, "him," not "them". Cf Gen 9:26-27; Deut 33:2; Isa 44:15; also compare Divrey Hayamim Alef 21:17]).

  • 27 Avram, the same is Avraham.

  • 27 And the Bnei Ram the bechor of Yerachme’el were Ma’atz, and Yamin, and Eker.

  • 27 And Shimei had sixteen banim and six banot, but his brethren had not many banim, neither did all their mishpakhat multiply like the Bnei Yehudah.

  • 426 (6:27) Ben Eitan Ben Zimmah Ben Shimei,

  • 27 Non (Nun) bno, Yehoshuah bno.

  • 27 And Ya’areshyah, and Eliyah, and Zichri, the Bnei Yerocham.

  • 27 And they spent the night around the Bais HaElohim, because the mishmeret was upon them; they were responsible for the mafte’ach (key) thereof laboker laboker.

  • 27 Shammot the Harori, Cheletz the Peloni,

  • 262 (27) Of the Bnei Levi four alafim and six hundred.

  • 27 And Dovid was clothed with a me’il butz (fine linen robe), and all the Levi’im that bore the Aron, and the meshorerim (singers); and Kenanyah the master of the song with the meshorerim; Dovid also had upon him a linen ephod [see Psalm 110:4].

  • 27 Hod and Hadar are in His presence; oz and chedvah (joy) are in His makom (place, home, dwelling).

  • 27 Now therefore let it please Thee to make brocha upon the Bais of Thy eved, that it may be before Thee l’olam; for Thou makest brocha Hashem, and it shall be mevorech l’olam (blessed forever).

  • 19 And when avadim of Hadadezer saw that they were routed before Yisroel, they made shalom with Dovid, and became his avadim; neither would the Syrians help the Bnei Ammon any more. [T.N. 2Sm chp 11 is not repeated here, but the going of Dovid to Rabbah?-see 2Sm 12:27-29?is elucidated. In the hero lists, it is important to remember that some in their heroism were corruptible and some were incorruptible, Uriah being one of the latter]

  • 27 And Hashem commanded the Malach, and He put back his cherev again into the nedan (sheath) thereof.

  • 27 According to the last instructions of Dovid the Bnei Levi were numbered from those twenty shanah and above;

  • 27 The Bnei Merari: by Yaaziyahu: Beno, and Shoham, and Zakkur, and Ivri.

  • 27 The twentieth to Eliyatah, he, his banim, and his brethren, were 12;

  • 27 Out of the plunder won in battles did they dedicate as kadosh to maintain the Beis Hashem.

  • 1 7 Now the Bnei Yisroel after their number, namely, the rashei ha’avot and sarim of alafim and me’ot (hundreds), and their shoterim that served HaMelech in any matter of the divisions, which came in and went out chodesh b’chodesh (month by month) throughout all the months of the shanah, each division consisting of twenty and four elef.

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