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  • 3 Yehudah is gone into the Golus (Exile) under affliction, and under great avodah (servitude); she dwelleth among the Goyim; she findeth no manoach (rest); all her rodefim (persecutors) overtook her in dire straits.

  • 3 He hath cut off in His fierce anger kol keren Yisroel; He hath drawn back His right hand from before the oyev, and He burned against Ya’akov like a flaming eish, which devoureth all around.

  • 1 I am the gever that hath seen affliction by the rod of His wrath.

  • 2 He hath driven me away, and brought me into choshech, but not into ohr.

  • 3 Surely against me is He turned; He turneth His yad against me kol hayom.

  • 4 My basar and my ohr (skin) hath He made old; He hath broken my atzmot.

  • 5 He hath set up seigeworks against me, and surrounded me with bitterness and hardship.

  • 6 He hath set me in dark places, like the mesei olam (long dead).

  • 7 He hath hedged me about, that I cannot escape; He hath made my chain heavy.

  • 8 Also when I cry and call out, He shutteth out my tefillah.

  • 9 He hath barred my ways with hewn stone, He hath made my paths crooked.

  • 10 He was unto me like a dov (bear) lying in wait, and like an aryeh in mistarim (hiding places).

  • 11 He hath turned aside the darkhei of mine, and pulled me in pieces; He hath made me desolate.

  • 12 He hath bent His keshet, and set me as a target for the khetz (arrow).

  • 13 He hath caused the arrows of His quiver to enter into my organs.

  • 14 I was a derision to kol ami; and their [mocking] song kol hayom.

  • 15 He hath filled me with merorim (bitter herbs); He hath made me drunk with suffering.

  • 16 He hath also broken my teeth with gravel, He hath covered me with aphar.

  • 17 And Thou hast removed my nefesh far off from shalom; I forgot tovah (prosperity).

  • 18 And I said, My strength and my hope is perished from Hashem;

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