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  • 23 And you, Kfar-Nachum, were you lifted up as far as Shomayim? You shall be brought down as far as Sheol [YESHAYAH 14:13,15]. For if in Sdom were accomplished the gevurot that were accomplished among you, Sdom would have a sheerit (remnant) today!

  • 23 And they put forward two anashim, Yosef Bar-Sabba, also called Justus, and Mattityahu.

  • 1 And when the day of Shavuos is fulfilled, they were all together in one place. [Lv 23:15,16]

  • 23 "This one, delivered up by the determined cheshbon (plan) and yedi’ah mukdemet (foreknowledge) of Hashem, and by the hand of lawless Bnei Adam you made him talui al HaEtz (being hanged on the Tree, DEVARIM 21:23) and put him to death. [YESHAYAH 53:10]

  • 36 "Therefore, assuredly let Klal Yisroel have da’as that this Yehoshua, whom you made talui al HaEtz (being hanged on the Tree, DEVARIM 21:23), this one Hashem has made both Adoneinu and Rabbeinu, Melech HaMoshiach."

  • 39 "For to you is the havtachah and to your yeladim and to all the ones at a distance, as many as may YIKRA B’SHEM ADONOI ELOHEINU." [YOEL 3:5; 2:28; YESHAYAH 44:3; 65:23; 57:19]

  • 23 "And it will be that every nefesh (soul) whoever LO YISHMA (does not listen) to that Navi (prophet) will be utterly destroyed from among the people. [DEVARIM 18:19; VAYIKRA 23:29]

  • 23 And, after having been released, the Moshiach’s Shlichim came to their own, and reported all the things the Rashei Hakohanim and the Zekenim had said to them.

  • 3 But Kefa said, "Chananyah, why has Hasatan filled your lev (heart) that you lied to the Ruach Hakodesh and misappropriated from the price of the land? [DEVARIM 23:21]

  • 4 "While it remained with you, did it not remain yours? And after it was sold, were the proceeds not under your samchut (authority)? How is it that you have hatched this deed in your lev (heart)? Your sheker (lie) was not to Bnei Adam but to the Ruach Hakodesh." [DEVARIM 23:22; VAYIKRA 6:2]

  • 23 Saying, "We found the beis hasohar locked tight and the shomrim standing at the doors; but when we opened up, we found no one inside."

  • 30 "Elohei Avoteinu made Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua to stand up alive again, the very one whom you killed, having made him talui al haEtz (being hanged on the tree). [DEVARIM 21:23]

  • 13 And edei sheker (false witnesses) swore falsely, saying, "This man is not ceasing to speak words keneged (against) Makom HaKadosh HaZeh and the Torah. [SHEMOT 23:1; TEHILLIM 27:12]

  • 16 "And they were brought back to Shechem and were placed in the kever (tomb) which Avraham bought for a sum of silver from the banim of Chamor in Shechem. [Gn 23:16-20; 33:18, 19; 50:13; Josh 24:32]

  • 23 "But when arba’im shanah of his days were completed, it entered into his lev (heart) to visit his Achim of the Bnei Yisroel. [Ex 2:11]

  • 45 "And having received it in their turn, Avoteinu brought it in with Yehoshua (Joshua) upon the dispossessing of the land of the Goyim, which Hashem drove out from the presence of Avoteinu until the yamim of Dovid. [Josh 3:14-17; 18:1; 23:9; 24:18; Ps 44:2; 2Sm 7:2,6; Gn 17:8; 48:4; Dt 32:49]

  • 23 "For I see you are in bitter gall and the bond of haresha." [Dt 29:18 TARGUM HASHIVIM; Jer 4:18; Isa 58:6]

  • 2 Requested from him iggrot of reshus (authorization) to the shuls of Damascus, that if someone he should find being mishtatef (involved) in HaDerech [Hashem], both anashim and nashim, he may lead them bound to Yerushalayim. [Isa 17:1; Jer 49:23]

  • 23 But when yamim rabbim were completed, the ones of the Yehudim who were unbelieving plotted to kill him.

  • 23 Therefore, having invited them in, Kefa gave them hachnosas orchim (hospitality, lodging). And on the next day Kefa got up and went away with them, and some of the Achim b’Moshiach from Yafo accompanied him.

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