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  • 29 "Anashim Achim, it is permitted to speak with bitachon (confidence) to you benoigeia (regarding) Dovid Avinu, that also he died and was buried and his kever (tomb) is with us until this day. [MELACHIM ALEF 2:10; NECHEMYAH 3:16]

  • 36 "For Dovid, after in his own dor (generation) he had served birtzon Hashem, fell asleep, and VAYISHKAV DOVID IM AVOTAV (“and Dovid rested with his fathers”) and he experienced decay. [SHMUEL BAIS 7:12; MELACHIM ALEF 2:10; SHOFETIM 2:10; DIVREY HAYAMIM BAIS 29:28]

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