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  • 4 The one giving us chizzuk (strengthening) with respect to all our tzoros so as to enable us to give chizzuk to the ones experiencing tzoros, and that through the nechamah (comfort) by which we ourselves are comforted (1:3) by Hashem. [YESHAYAH 49:13; 51:12; 66:13]

  • 5 This is so because as the Chevlei Moshiach (birth pangs of Moshiach) abound to us, so through Moshiach abounds also our nechamah (1:3; YESHAYAH 51:12). [TEHILLIM 34:19; 94:19]

  • 11 As you also labor together for us by techinnah (supplication), so that the "Modeh Ani" for us will be said by the many (YESHAYAH 53:11-12) for the matanah (gift) granted us through the tefillos of the many.

  • 12 For our glorying is in this: the edut (testimony) of our matzpun (conscience) [MJ 13:18] is that without remiyah (guile, fraud, deceit) and with lev tahor ("pure heart" TEHILLIM 51:12) with the sincerity of Hashem [2C 2:17] and not in the "chochmah" of the basar [1C 1:17] but in the Chen v’Chesed of Hashem, we conducted ourselves in the Olam Hazeh, and more especially toward you.

  • 14 As you have already had da’as of us in part, as also we are your kavod [2C 5:12], even as also you are ours in the Yom Hashem of Adoneinu Yehoshua. [Pp 2:16]

  • 1 For I decided this in myself: not again to come to you in agmat nefesh (grief). [1C 4:21; 2C 12:21]

  • 12 But having come to Troas for the purpose of proclaiming the Besuras HaGeulah of Moshiach and a delet (door) to me having been opened by Adoneinu, [YECHEZKEL 20:14; Ac 14:27; 1C 16:9; Co 4:3; Rv 3:8]

  • 15 For we are the aroma of Moshiach to Hashem among the ones coming to Yeshu’at Eloheinu, and among the ones perishing:[1C 1:18; DANIEL 12:2]

  • 17 For we are not as many, peddling the dvar Hashem, but as from sincerity, as from Hashem, in the presence of Hashem, in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach we speak. [2C 1:12; 1K 4:11]

  • 1 Do we begin again to commend ourselves? [2C 5:12] Or surely we do not need, as some do, iggrot of haskama (letters of approval, commendation) to you or from you? [Ac 18:27; Ro 16:1]

  • 3 And you show that you are an iggeret from Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, prepared by us, having been written not with ink but with the Ruach Hakodesh of the Elohim Chayyim, not on luchot of stone [SHEMOT 24:12; 31:18; 32:15,16; 34:1; DEVARIM 9:10,11] but on luchot of lev basar. [ MISHLE 3:3; 7:3; YIRMEYAH 31:33; YECHEZKEL 11:19; 36:26]

  • 12 Since, then, we have such a tikvah (hope), we act with much boldness.

  • 12 So then Mavet works in us but Chayyim in you.

  • 1 For we have da’as that if the beit mishkaneinu [IYOV 4:19; 2C 4:7] is made churban, we have a bais from Hashem, a Bais not made with hands, in Shomayim L’olamim. [YESHAYAH 38:12]

  • 7 For we walk by emunah (faith), not by sight; [1C 13:12]

  • 10 Since it is necessary for all of us to be revealed/laid bare for an appearance before the Kisse Din (Judgment Throne, i.e., Moshiach’s Bet Din) of Moshiach, in order that each one of us [individually] may receive recompense for the things done in the basar, according to his ma’asim, whether tov or rah. [1C 9:27; 3:10-15; Koh 12:14; Yn 5:22; Ac 17:31; Ro 2:16; 14:10]

  • 12 We are not commending ourselves to you again [2C 3:1], but are giving an opportunity to you of glorying on behalf of us [2C 1:14] that you may respond to those who glory in outer appearance and not in lev.

  • 12 There is no penury in our affections, only in yours.

  • 16 And what agreement has the Heikhal of Hashem with elilim? For we are a Heikhal of the Elohim Chayyim [1C 3:16; 6:19] as G-d said, "V’HITHALLACHTI B’TOCHCHEM ("And I will walk in the midst of you" [VAYIKRA 26:12] I WILL BE MISHKANI ALEHEM ("dwelling place of me with them" [YECHEZKEL 37:27]) V’HAYU LI L’AM VAANI EHEYEH LAHEM LELOHIM [YIRMEYAH 32:38] ("And they will be to me as people and I will be to them as G-d." [YIRMEYAH 32:38]

  • 2 In your levavot make a cheder for us; we wronged no one, we ruined no one, we exploited no one. [2C 12:17]

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