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  • 2 Just as it has been written in Yeshayah HaNavi, HINNENI SHOLEIACH MALACHI (Behold, I send my messenger) before your face, UPINNAH DERECH LEFANAI (and he will prepare the way before me, [SHEMOT 23:20; MALACHI 3:1]), he will prepare your way.

  • 3 KOL KOREY BAMIDBAR (A voice of one shouting in the wilderness, TARGUM HASHIVIM YESHAYAH 40:3): Prepare the Derech Hashem (the way of the L-rd). Make his paths yashar (straight)!

  • 3 And they come bringing to Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach a paralytic being carried along by arba’a anashim (four men).

  • 1 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach entered again into the shul. And there was there a man having a withered hand.

  • 2 And they were watching Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach [to see] if on Shabbos he will heal him, in order that they might accuse him.

  • 3 And he says to the man, the one with the withered hand, Stand up here in the center.

  • 4 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach says to them, Is it mutar (permissible) on Shabbos to do tov or rah, to restore nefesh or to destroy [it]? But they were silent.

  • 5 And having looked [at] them with ka’as and having agmat nefesh (grief) at the stubborn hardness of their levavot, Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach says to the man, Stretch out your hand. And the man stretched it out, and his hand was restored.

  • 6 And ofen ort (immediately) the Perushim went out and held consultation with the party of Herod against him, as to how they might destroy him.

  • 7 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach with his talmidim went away to the lake, and a great multitude from the Galil and also from Yehudah followed Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach.

  • 8 And from Yerushalayim and from Idumea and from the other side of the Yarden and from around Tzor-Tzidon area, a great multitude [followed], hearing everything that he was doing, and they came to Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach.

  • 9 And he said to his talmidim that a sirah (boat) should stand ready for him, lest the multitude might crush him.

  • 10 For he had brought refuah to many, with the result that as many as had afflictions pressed in on him in order to touch him.

  • 11 And the ruchot hatemeiot (unclean spirits), whenever they saw Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, were falling before him and were crying out, saying, You are the Ben HaElohim!

  • 12 And he sternly rebuked them, lest they should make him known.

  • 13 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach goes up to the mountain and summons those whom he wanted, and they came to him.

  • 14 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach appointed and gave smichah to Shneym Asar (Twelve), whom also he designated Shlichim, that they might be with him [be mishtatef in Moshiach’s chavurah], and that he might send them out as his Shlichim to preach,

  • 15 and to have samchut (authority) to cast out shedim.

  • 16 And Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach appointed the Shneym Asar: Shimon, to whom he gave the name Kefa,

  • 17 And Yaakov Ben Zavdai and Yochanan, Yaakov’s brother. He gave to them the name Bnei Regesh, (Sons of Thunder).

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