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  • 10 Beni (my son), if chatt’aim (sinners) entice thee, consent thou not.

  • 10 When chochmah entereth into thine lev, and da’as (knowledge) is pleasant unto thy nefesh;

  • 10 So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy vats shall burst out with tirosh.

  • 10 Hear, O beni (my son), and receive my sayings; and thy shnot chayyim shall be many.

  • 10 Lest zarim (strangers) be filled with thy koach; and thy toilings be in the bais nochri;

  • 10 Yet a little sheynot (sleep [pl.]), a little slumber, a little folding of the yadayim to sleep;

  • 10 And, hinei, there met him an isha with the attire of a zonah, and crafty of lev

  • 10 Receive my musar, and not kesef; and da’as (knowledge) rather than choice gold.

  • 10 The Yirat Hashem is the beginning of chochmah, and the da’as Kedoshim (knowledge of the Holy One) is binah (understanding).

  • 1 0 The mishle (proverbs) of Sh’lomo. A ben chacham maketh glad an av, but a ben kesil is the grief of his em.

  • 2 Otzarot resha profit nothing, but tzedakah (righteousness) saveth from mavet.

  • 3 Hashem will not suffer the nefesh of the tzaddik to famish, but He thwarteth the craving of the resha’im.

  • 4 He becometh poor that dealeth with a negligent palm, but the yad of the diligent maketh wealth.

  • 5 He that gathereth in kayitz is a ben maskil (son of wisdom), but he that sleepeth in katzir (harvest) is a ben that causeth shame.

  • 6 Brakhot are upon the head of the tzaddik, but chamas covereth the peh (mouth) of the resha’im.

  • 7 The memory of the tzaddik is as bracha, but the shem resha’im shall rot.

  • 8 The chacham lev will receive mitzvot, but one with foolish sfatayim (lips) shall be thrust down.

  • 9 He that walketh uprightly walketh securely, but he that perverteth his drakhim shall be known.

  • 10 He that winketh with the ayin causeth trouble, but one with foolish sfatayim shall come to ruin.

  • 11 The peh (mouth) of a tzaddik is a Makor Chayyim, but chamas covereth the peh (mouth) of the resha’im.

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